TOWN OF PESHTIGO — PFAS and safe water continues to be a hot topic for the Town of Peshtigo with the board supervisors working to find a long-term solutions with Johnson Controls, Inc., Arcadis and Cedar Corporation of Green Bay. 

A previously unexplored option was briefly discussed Tuesday. This option involved the Town of Peshtigo connecting into the City of Peshtigo’s sanitation system. Chairperson Herman Pottratz met with the city and provided a summary of that meeting saying, “If and when water is needed, water will be available through the city of Peshtigo. At present for now, everyone seems to have water, if you don’t let us know. There are other sources and ways to handle this problem, it’s not a done deal. There are a couple of options like we have now, with a well. Residents have the final decision and we won’t be going to jam this down their throats. That’s what’s been happening so far.”

Keith Jung spoke for the citizen’s action committee and shared several items of information. “The DNR website has a lot of information on PFAS. This is available to anyone and you can find it by typing in PFAS Marinette, Peshtigo questions. (The link can be found here: There are about 130 pages of questions and answers. The Arcadis Remedial Action Plan is also on the site along with the letters by Tyco (JCI) and DNR,maps and other information.” 

Additional information may be found on the Tyco website at:

Jung provided a summary of the options provided by Arcadis, found on the DNR site. There was some discussion about the option of drilling deeper wells. This option could contaminate the aquifer. Barring that possibility, the water cannot be tested until it is brought up. There could be other contaminates such as radon, that would be unknown until the time and money was spent. 

The option of tying into the City of Marinette, Jung described a trapezoid area that would be the water mains to supply the affected residents. “The DNR has requested Arcadis to provide additional information to include fire hydrants, spur lines, branches off the mains to accommodate future growth and building in the area.”

Another community meeting will be scheduled sometime in September. Pottratz said, “That meeting will be in the town of Peshtigo, not Marinette. It will be here. We are going to have that meeting. The DNR hasn’t been around for years, they weren’t here for the last two years when this all started happening. This isn’t done yet. We have options.”

The town’s consulting firm was not able to attend Tuesday, but provided an update read by the town counsel, David Spangenberg, who informed the board that basically Cedar Corporation was in a data collection phase. “The DNR has requested similar information from Arcadis and the Town has hired Ceder Corporation to complete the same work. We are working out a solution so the work isn’t duplicated, if Cedar Corporation’s work would be acceptable to JCI.” There is a conference call scheduled next week between Arcadis and Cedar Corporation so Arcadis can walk Cedar Corporation through the work already completed. 

Scott Wahl from JCI provided an update on the most recent completed work. This information had been provided via letter to each supervisor. Wahl said that the letter would be posted on the Tyco website in the desire to be transparent. Wahl then fielded questions from County Board Supervisor Don Pazynski took Wahl to task wanting to know why testing was not being done on Heath Lane and Edwards Avenue. “This is your problem, not ours. We didn’t create this, you did,” Pazynski said. Wahl responded, “Point taken.”