MARINETTE — The Marinette Public Safety & Code Enforcement Committee received an update Monday about property parcels within city limits that are not being maintained, and the steps taken by the building inspector to serve warnings and citations to the parcel owners. 

Curt Demlow, building inspector for the City of Marinette, provided committee members with a list of 14 properties in the city that are currently not up to code, as well as which ones have been warned and cited about their parcels’ dilapidation. 

“I gave them, in the (warning) letter, 10 days to notify as far as contacting me, and then get the projects resolved within 60 days,” Demlow said, referring to parcels where a building is undergoing some kind of construction project. “There are a few more that probably need to be put on this list, but as we get these ones cleaned up, we’ll keep on working on more.” 

Demlow’s list included properties at 108 E. Hosmer St. and 233 Water St. for which warning letters have been drafted; a property at 706 Main St. which sought a new permit for work it is undergoing; properties at 1849 Wisconsin St., 1851 Wisconsin St., 1853 Wisconsin St., 403 Main St., 1112 Merryman St., 2141 Riverside Ave., 93 E. Hosmer St., and 2057 Maple St. for which warning letters have been served; and properties at 325 State St., 1709 Main St. and 1705 Main St. for which citations have been served. Demlow said that the property at 325 State St., which the committee has discussed several times, has become somewhat of a “problem child” for the city. 

“The citation went out, but there’s no way to serve it,” he said. “The owner of that property lives in a hotel in Michigan. She doesn’t answer the door, there’s no way to contact her, she doesn’t have a phone, the caretakers come about once a month and you never know when they’re coming, so there’s really no way to serve the citation. We can’t have our officers go up there because it’s a different state. ... We’re trying to work through that as best we can.” 

Mayor Steve Genisot asked if Demlow could explain the process of what happens when a citation is issued, in particular the buildings at 1705 and 1709 Main St. Demlow said work to secure the buildings in question and make them safe is an immediate request, and additional citations can be issued on a daily basis if need be. 

Ward 6 Alderman Peter Noppenberg thanked Demlow for his efforts in putting the citation and warning letter list together for the committee. 

“We’ll just continue to keep this system in mind as we observe other buildings in town (in need of work),” he said.