MENOMINEE — The Water and Wastewater Utility Board approved a contract Thursday to repair chlorine tanks at the Wastewater Treatment Plant with Crane Engineering of Appleton, Wis.

According to Mike Thorsen, the superintendent for both the water and wastewater treatment plants, the wastewater plant has two chlorine tanks.

“This is where disinfection of the upper part of the mouth of the river (happens), and they’ve got a lot of diversion walls in them made out of block,” he said. “Well, all of those have been deteriorating.” 

Thorsen said he had somebody come out and take a look at the tanks, and he said what they would do is take two courses of the wall out and pour a new one.

“It’s not a block wall, it’s just a regular (concrete) wall,” he said, “And then they’d seal up any cracks in the concrete and put a flexible material in, almost like what you’d use for pools.”

After having it looked at, Thorsen said the estimated price for the repairs would cost around $88,000.

“We sent it out to four people we thought would be interested in it and two responded back,” he said. 

One price was from Crane Engineering, who said they would be able to do the job for $87,000. The other came back with a $107,000 estimate; as a result, Thorsen recommended the board approve a contract with Crane.

“What’s the useful life on something like this? How long can we use it for?” asked board member Wes Hoffman.

“Well, the concrete was poured years ago, so I’d think about 70 or 80 years,” Thorsen said. “Now for the repair, they gave a five-year warranty on the coating, so this should be the last time we’ll have to do a major repair on that for a while.”

A motion was made by city manager Tony Graff to approve the contract with Crane, which was unanimously supported and passed.