MARINETTE — Finance Director Jacqueline Miller gave the Marinette Finance & Insurance Committee an update Tuesday about the cost of the new Community REC Center, a multi-million dollar project years in the making that the books are still not quite closed on. 

“Basically, we have eight contractors left to be paid out, which is about $176,000 left to pay,” she said, adding that one contractor is still negotiating with the city regarding extra incurred costs for replacement exterior wall panels. “To date, including the $176,000 that we need to pay out — and this includes the architect and the design from the very, very beginning — (the total cost is) all the way to $18,500,000. With the revenues that we have taken in at this point, it’s $18,300,000.” 

Miller said this final number included donations that go toward making loan payments, and added that many donations still have yet to come through as they are pledges of money over time. 

“This is everything that has gone into that center from the start to finish,” she said. “Anything that’s been spent on that project, whether it be attorney, whether it be miscellaneous expenditures, tables — anything that went into that facility, it’s $18,500,000.” 

Alderperson-at-large Dorothy Kowalski asked what the final amount of fundraising was for the project. Miller said the city had at this point had collected $2,087,000 in fundraising, but that number is expected to rise. 

“We do have donations that are set out, a lot of them, over five years or 10 years, so we collect that money on an annual basis,” Miller said. “So that’s going to change the revenue part of it, but at this point in time, $18,300,000 we’ve brought in-house, including the loans, and we’ve spent $18,500,000.” 

Miller added that the city still had $300,000 in a checking account to be paid out for the project. 

Ward 7 Alderman Rick Polzin asked if the city was still receiving donations for the project. Miller replied that, while the city is not receiving many new donations, recurring pledged donations are coming into the city’s accounts “on a monthly basis.” 

Ward 2 Alderman Jeff Skorik asked if there was a timeline for when the negotiations with the outstanding contractor would be resolved. Mayor Steve Genisot said there were a few pending items to be cleared up, but he believed a resolution would be brought to the City Council within 30 days. 

“I think we’re all happy at the thought of getting all the bills paid,” Skorik said. 

The committee took no action on the topic. In other business, the Finance & Insurance Committee approved a request to partially fund a $130,000 to $135,000 rubberized walking track encircling the Community REC Center’s turf field using some of the $95,000 Focus on Energy rebate the city recently received. The Marinette Recreation Department will be fundraising for the walking track addition and will report back to the committee with an update at the committee’s August meeting.