STEPHENSON — Residents and visitors of the City of Stephenson may be able to experience a little more music next summer.

The Stephenson City Council was approached by a man interested in beginning a summer concert series in the gazebo next summer. Greg Hunt, a former high school band and music teacher, said he and his wife had recently moved back to the area. Previously, they were living in Norway, Michigan, where Hunt was — and remains — involved in a summer concert series there.

Hunt told the city council he would love to see a concert series implemented downtown in Stephenson. He said such a series would begin small but could become a larger tradition the city residents look forward to every two weeks.

“Norway started a summer concert series in 2013 and the first concert had about 20 attendants, but the last concert this summer had almost 400 people show up,” he said. “It’s grown by leaps and bounds.”

Hunt said he does not expect the first several concerts in Stephenson to have a great turn-out but he hopes it would grow in the same way the series in Norway did.

“Starting out the budget will be rather small, so I’ve looked around the city to find possible locations and I am thinking the gazeebo would a be great place for us,” Hunt said. Hunt said the gazebo is right in downtown so it will be available for the public and easily accessible.

Hunt said he conceives the series to consist of five concerts over the course of summer 2020, beginning in June. A concert would be held once every two weeks and would be completely free to the public. Professional solo artist and duets from around the area would be booked to preform.

“We would have high-quality professional artists,” Hunt said. “We’re not going to be hiring the kid who won the high school talent show last year. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, but we really want to ensure we offer a quality product so people look forward to the concerts.”

He also said if the series is successful, it would have a positive impact on the local economy.

“Working with Norway, I know the influx of people for these concerts have also been great for the small businesses in the area,” Hunt said.

The concert series in Norway is now 100 percent donation-funded, he added.

“I’m just looking to giving the people something to do on a summer evening and bring in a little bit of culture,” he said.

Hunt was not asking the council for funding for this project, only its approval and cooperation. He would fund the concerts but would like the city to write the official checks to booked talent.

The council members each showed support for the idea and said they would look forward to seeing how Hunt’s plan works out.

Mayor Connie Westrich suggested having the kick-off concert this winter during the annual Lighting of the Christmas Tree event the city hosts every year.

“The event is only about an hour and it’s how we kick off our Christmas season. It would be a great way to kick off your concert series as well,” Westrich said. “It would give everybody a flavor of what’s to come in summer.”