STEPHENSON — An update on the City of Stephenson’s splash pad project was given Thursday at the city council meeting.

A splash pad is a recreational area that consists of water which is sprayed in various directions for children to run through and play in. If completed, Council Member Paul Parmentier said he hopes that it will be located near Erikson Park, by the baseball cages. The project would cost the city about $50,000.

So far, there are a few issues with the project that have been brought up at council meetings.

Stephenson has hard water, which would mean the city would also need to install a filtration system for the splash pad.

“The hard water won’t harm the kids at all, it will just turn the water brown and stain everything,” Parmentier said. “We don’t want to spend $50,000 on this project and then have no one use it after a while because it looks bad.”

He said a water softener would not completely solve the issue, but it would definitely help and ensure the longevity of the splash pad.

Thursday, he brought up a second issue: The location. Parmentier said at one point there was a house on that location, which has since been removed. Depending on how long ago that was, may affect how easily the location can be used for the splash pad. The ground may have settled there, making it unsuitable for a new project.

City Clerk Judy St. said she was unsure when that house was removed, but she believed it was in the late 2000s.

Parmentier told the council that the project is more or less ready to go, the city just needs to decide “when, where and if we even can complete it.”

He said after the meeting he would love to see the splash pad installed by next summer, but at this point it is too early give an estimated date.