MENOMINEE — Menominee County Sheriff Kenny Marks issued a statement Friday regarding executive orders from Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“My deputies and I will serve and protect you and we will respond to your complaints using discretion and compassion,” Marks said in the statement. “Each complaint will be investigated and my deputies and I will provide guidance and assistance in finding solutions to help you overcome your hardships.”

He said the sheriff’s office will not enforce Whitmer’s executive orders with arrests and citations, “which would bring more hardship to small businesses, churches and the citizens of Menominee County.

“As your sheriff, I am a constitutional peace officer and I will protect your civil liberties and constitutional rights, within my authority,” Marks said.

He thanked citizens for their voluntary compliance during the crisis.

“Your sacrifices are noteworthy and you have been doing a great job social distancing and protecting your families,” he said. “Please stay safe, peaceful and considerate to others as the courts decide the future of the executive orders.”

The Michigan Court of Claims heard arguments Friday regarding a lawsuit the Michigan Legislature filed against Whitmer’s order on April 30 to extend the state of emergency. No decision was reached Friday.