MARINETTE — This summer, Aaron Unti, owner of Quality Cuts in Marinette, is giving his business’s lawn care services to one person in the Menominee-Marinette area entirely for free, in what he’s calling his “A Person in Need” giveaway. 

Unti said his inspiration to offer his services to someone came from a combination of his first job at Marinette Farm & Garden and the My  Marinette Menominee movement.

“Since my first job at Marinette Farm & Garden, I had instilled in me the right way to treat customers, and that it’s the little things you can do to help the community that have a greater impact,” he said. “I liked the phrase ‘do good by being great,’ and that stuck with me from the My Marinette Menominee movement.” 

Unti said he’s done smaller giveaways like this in the past, and this time around he initially envisioned a spring clean-up and some miscellaneous other services for someone. The My Marinette Menominee movement sparked him to go a step further. He took to Facebook and asked for people to nominate one person in the area in need of his services. In his initial post, he said that he would decide the winner by May 1.

The winner was Debbie Kornusky of Marinette, who Unti said received numerous nominations by many who participated. Kornusky was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so Unti believed she would be the most impacted.

“I chose Debbie because something as simple as a spring clean-up would give her more time to spend with her family,” he said.

Unti will be working on her lawn once every week or every two weeks, depending on the weather. He said he’s treating Kornusky’s lawn as he would his own, the way he does with all of his customers.

Unti said without a doubt he’ll be doing another giveaway next year — however, it may not be year-long lawn care services, depending on the person’s needs.

“Say a person has a tree that costs hundreds of dollars to take down, I might take that down for them,” he said. “Or maybe they need updated landscaping or something else.” 

Unti will announce his second giveaway sometime in late winter or early spring. People interested in donating their time when that happens can contact Unti over Facebook or call 262-347-1139 to nominate someone in need of his services.