So I listen to a lot of podcasts. Like, a lot. If you don’t know what a podcast is, it’s a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device; at least, that’s the dictionary definition.

I listen to so many podcasts; mostly because they’re free. I’m a broke Gen Z’er that has student loans and rent and all that fun adult stuff to deal with. So I tend to take free entertainment, and a break from life, where I can get it.

The amount of content that is out there, all for free, is mind-blowing. There are a few educational podcasts that I listen to, such as “Stuff You Missed in History Class”, “Behind the Bastards” and “Ridiculous History” (I’m really into history if you couldn’t tell). And as someone who loves to continue learning new things, it’s a fun way to learn. I mean, my history class didn’t tell me that adoption was started when a woman, named Georgie Tann, stole 5,000 babies from poor parents and sold them to the wealthy. But there’s more than history podcasts; there are shows out there about languages, astronomy, true crime, gardening, anything you can think of, there is probably a podcast for it. 

Even with all these different educational podcasts; they aren’t the only kind out there. There are narrative-driven story podcasts out there too; some have the most well-written stories I’ve ever witnessed. One in particular that I listen to is called “The Magnus Archives” (TMA) which is about this institute that investigates paranormal happenings. That podcast is actually very reminiscent of old radio shows. Since podcasts, like radio, is an audio-only medium, a story that is told on a podcast has to rely on dialogue and very clear sounds to tell a story. In one scene for TMA, the director called it a “brutal pipe murder” which was conveyed by smashing watermelons with a hammer. 

If learning about new things or murder podcasts aren’t your thing, there are just straight-up comedy shows. Like one podcast that I listen too, three brothers give ridiculous advice to problems. For example, what do you do when your significant other won’t let you keep a pet tarantula? Well, obviously you throw a parade for the spider and have attendees shout about how you need that spider. 

There is so much good content out there. Whether it’s educational podcasts on all sorts of different topics, pop culture talk show-esque shows, dungeons and dragons campaigns or even “brutal pipe murder” story podcasts — there is something out there for everyone. And in times like these, we could all use a little escapism.