MENOMINEE — Only one of Menominee County’s commissioner districts had a contested seat in the primary election Tuesday. In Wednesday’s EagleHerald, it was reported that David Prestin won the District 6 county commissioner seat, but that information was incorrect.

Prestin, a Republican, faced fellow Republican Peggy Schroud in the primary and won the nomination to appear on the November ballot. Prestin received 255 votes to Schroud’s 106, according to unofficial totals. While there is not any Democratic or other party challenger in District 6, a candidate could still file to be considered a write-in, according to Menominee County Clerk/Register of Deeds Marc Kleiman. District 6 includes the City of Stephenson, the townships of Stephenson, Ingallston and Cedarville.


Other candidates for county commissioner districts received these complementary (unofficial) votes:

¦ Steven Gromala, incumbent Democrat, 134, District 1 (City of Menominee).

¦ Bernie Lang, incumbent Democrat, 174, District 2 (City of Menominee). 

¦ Joe Ciochetto, Democrat, 98, District 3 (City of Menominee). 

¦ Larry Schei, incumbent Republican, 135, District 4 (City of Menominee). 

¦ Garry Anderson, Republican, 106, District 5 (Menominee Township). 

¦ Gerald Piche, incumbent Republican, 261, District 7 (the townships of Daggett, Holmes, Lake, Faithorn and Nadeau). 

¦ Jan Hafeman, incumbent Republican,149, District 8 (the townships of Nadeau, Gourley and Harris).

¦ Larry Johnson Jr., Republican, 185, District 9 (Meyer and Spalding townships).

Millages questions on the ballot Tuesday were all successful, including the countywide Senior Services Millage which saw 1,948 yes votes to 555 no votes.

Other millage issues that were approved were:

¦ Faithorn Township Fire: 56-3.

¦ Holmes Township Fire: 41-12.

¦ Holmes Township General Operating millage: 41-12.

¦ Spalding Township Fire: 142-41

¦ Stephenson School millage: 462-330.

¦ Norway-Vulcan School millage: 32-26.

The two candidates for Michigan State Governor that received the most votes statewide for their respective parties were Bill Schuette, Republican, and Gretchen Whitmer, Democrat. Menominee County’s voting on Tuesday also aligned with these results. Schuette received 1,013 out 1,695 votes for the Republican ticket from Menominee County voters. Whitmer received 865 of 1,268 votes for the Democratic ticket locally.