MENOMINEE — Every Menominee County Commissioner seat was up for grabs during the election Tuesday. However, only two new faces will be seen at upcoming board meetings.

Every incumbent commissioner seeking re-election was re-elected. Incumbent Commissioner Gerald Piche, Republican, of the seventh district, ran unopposed. Newcomers, David Prestin of the sixth district and Larry Johnson Jr. of the ninth district also ran unopposed and were voted onto the board. Johnson received 764 complimentary votes. 

Here are the (unofficial) votes for the other district commissioners:

¦ District 1 (City of Menominee): Incumbent Commissioner Steven Gromala, Democrat, 444;  Jason S. Chaltry, independent, 292.

¦ District 2 (City of Menominee): Incumbent Bernie Lang, Democrat, 536; Patricia Mueller, independent, 408.

¦ District 3 (City of Menominee): Incumbent Larry Phelps, independent, 325; Edward Powell Jr., independent, 199; and Joe Ciochetto, Democrat, 188.

¦ District 4 (Menominee Township): Incumbent Larry Schei, Republican, 484; Steven Ecker, independent, 389; and David Thompson, independent, 148.

¦ District 5 (Mellen Township and Menominee Township): Incumbent William Cech, independent, 595; Garry Anderson, Republican, 386.

¦ District 6 (Cedarville Township, Ingallston Township, Stephenson Township, City of Stephenson and Holmes Township): David Prestin, Republican, 519.

¦ District 8 (Townships of Gourley, Harris and Nadeau): Incumbent Jan Hafeman, Republican, 541 and Tim LaFave, independent, 293.

The numbers given are the unofficial results. The official election results will be announced at a later date.