MARINETTE — The Marinette School District Finance and Auxiliary Services Committee discussed the next steps in the district’s “Right-Sizing the District” project, the ongoing facilities project that will conclude in roughly a year and a half, according to Superintendent Wendy Dzurick.

“What’ll happen (at the next board meeting) is I will review everything we went over last month in a much more compact way,” said Dzurick, “and we will have a representative from Bair Financial with us. She’s going to talk about where the district sits financially and what we look like. I think you’re going to find it a very informative presentation that evening.”

She said the board will be voting on a motion to move forward with further investigation and input from community stakeholders on the proposed three-building configuration for the district. This configuration would ultimately move all students and teachers in the Marinette School District to Park Elementary School, Marinette Middle School and Marinette High School, closing Garfield Elementary, Merryman Elementary and Sunrise Early Learning Center.

“We’re not voting to close three schools (at the next meeting),” said Board President John LaCourt, “we’ve got to emphasize that to the Nth degree.”

After the vote at the next school board meeting, Dzurick said the district would hold multiple listening sessions with community members and district staff between September and November. “Then the board will be approving a community survey, and School Perceptions would get the input from the listening sessions, and they’ll create a survey from all of the information the board’s been presented, and they’ll get that back to you by November or December.”

She said the board will be presented with the survey first before it’s published and given to the public. “That’s good, I was concerned about that,” LaCourt said. Dzurick said the survey will be made from what is gathered in the listening sessions, so she will have someone at every meeting taking extensive notes.

She said the survey would go out to the public in January or February, then by April a representative from School Perceptions would come to a board meeting and present what he believes the district should do. “I don’t know what that’ll be, so I won’t even speculate,” Dzurick said.

The final decision won’t come until July or August. “It’s really another year in the making. We started this early so we didn’t have to be in a rush and take immediate action. We’re not in crisis; we’re working so that we can plan for the future at the right pace. This is slow, so it’ll be a year and a half before you make a decision on anything, and with all kinds of input,” Dzurick said. The next Marinette School Board meeting will be held Aug. 20.