MENOMINEE — The Menominee Finance Committee Tuesday was presented with a revised application for phase eight of KK Warehousing’s improvement project. The project, according to City Manager Tony Graff, includes $1.2 million worth of improvements.

“We asked for a corrected application to clarify some of the information they gave us,” Graff said. “The original application was presented to us as ‘Building Permit 8,’ and then we requested they provide a construction date, which was Oct. 11, and they provided us photographs of when they began doing the footing work.”

He said a few corrections were identified in the original application which he said City Attorney Rob Jamo still needs to look over to ensure that everything is in order. “It’s a standard IFT (Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Application),” he said. “The state does say that, with an application that comes in, they get reviewed and corrections can be asked for.”

“KK Warehouse operated very well, and we got all the corrections,” he continued.

“For all intents and purposes,” councilmember Bill Plemel said, “this is just one more application similar to this, and we’ve done about 32 of them so far. So it’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

He asked Graff if he wanted to recommend that the committee ask the council to recommend the project to the state, which ultimately would make the final decision on whether or not the project goes through. He said no, due to the fact that all of the information wasn’t available at the time of the meeting to make such a decision. He also said there would be a public hearing for the project Monday.

“I support this in general,” councilmember Frank Pohlmann said, “but I would have a difficult time recommending it (right now) since the numbers are not in here and it was just added to the agenda a few minutes before the meeting.”

Graff said that a decision does have to be made 60 days after the application is submitted, which he said was April 11. He did say that, if the committee wanted to hold a special meeting to discuss the topic they could, however the committee decided not to do that.