MARINETTE — Marinette County Circuit Judge Jim Morrison has announced that he is a candidate for re-election to a six-year term in that position. The election is April 2, 2019. His friends and supporters are currently circulating nominating petitions for his re-election.

Morrison currently presides over Branch II in Marinette County; he is one of the founders and presides over the Drug Court, the Mental Health Court, the Business Court and currently supervises the Teen Court. He was instrumental in bringing CASA, a program to support kids in the juvenile system with responsible adults, to Marinette County.

Morrison is also currently the Chief Judge of the 8th Judicial District, having administrative responsibilities over the 25 Circuit Judges in those seven counties in northeast Wisconsin; including as well all court commissioners, municipal court judges and court reporters in those counties. He has twice been elected by his colleagues to serve on the Executive Committee of the Judicial Conference of all State Judges and has been appointed by the Supreme Court to serve as Chief Judge of the 8th Judicial District two times. He is a frequent presenter of judicial education programs.

“The people of the State of Wisconsin are known throughout the country as some of the most honest, hard-working, friendly, problem-solving people – and Marinette County residents lead the charge,” Morrison said. “ We certainly have significant problems in this county and in this state, especially related to drugs, addiction, and kids in crisis. These problems are not limited to Marinette County but are of course nationwide; however Marinette County is a leader in addressing these problems with innovative, practical and successful programs. Our Drug Court and CASA programs are good examples of this effort.”

The judge said that he understands that most people who come into contact with the judicial system are doing it for their first and only time.

“So it is critically important that each person be treated with dignity, respect and understanding,” he said. “Judges have to give bad news and make difficult decisions; and not everyone can be happy – but everyone has a right to feel respected and to understand that they have received the decision dictated by the law and fairly decided by the judge.”

Morrison continued, “Serving as a Circuit Court Judge in Marinette County has been the greatest honor and most significant opportunity I have ever had to make a real impact on the community that my wife (Barb) and I love. I hope the people of Marinette County will give me the honor to continue that service.”