MENOMINEE — The City of Menominee Finance Committee recommended the city council approve a proposal from Ayres Associates, out of Green Bay, for a pier scour evaluation of the Hattie Street Bridge, at its meeting Tuesday.

City Manager Tony Graff said inspection reports from both the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) in 2019 found that the piers have been developing scour holes.

“Ayres’ proposal is to do the four piers — two are ours and two are Marrinette’s. Marinette already put some rip rap in and some other preventative rock, so it’s up to us to do the next phase,” he said.

Graff said Ayres ran into this back when they last worked on the bridge. “They came back and did their evaluations, and their evaluations came back and found this,” he said.

“Wouldn’t it have made some sense if we had evaluated it at the same time Marinette did?” asked Councilmember Frank Pohlmann.

“At that point, the high water issue wasn’t going on, and it was more obvious that they had problems on the Marinette side. There’s a stronger current pattern (on that side) when they open up the dam,” Graff said.

He said in the last year, there were more than two openings on a regular basis in spring and fall.

Graff said, as part of the evaluation, Ayres would complete a hydrographic survey of the Menominee River starting at the downstream side of the dam and extending to the downstream end of Boom Island. They will also create a 2-D model of the river to provide a greater level of accuracy in estimating scouring levels in other potential flooding events and develop a few alternatives to help prevent scouring.

The committee decided to recommend the matter to the city council, which will meet Tuesday to discuss this further.