TOWN OF PESHTIGO — After listening to public comment from several residents at Tuesday’s Peshtigo Town Board meeting, a temporary weight limit on Hale Road was lifted.

One speaker estimated that at least 10 residents of Hale Road and Bay Road were in attendance. The public comment session lasted about 40 minutes, with the bulk of it focused on the road issue.

Hale Road leads to Bay Road, where many residents are having issues with their shoreline and property. 

Supervisor Jon Drees, who is the road supervisor and board vice chairman, said Wednesday that he and Chairman Herman Pottratz examined the area about a month ago and because Hale Road was in such poor shape, Pottratz imposed a temporary weight limit. Residents in that area balked at the weight limit because heavy duty, quad-axle vehicles that haul rocks, gravel, fill and rip rap are needed to get to their properties and shoreline which are being damaged by high water on the bay.

Later in Tuesday’s meeting, Pottratz exercised his authority and removed the weight limit. The action was greeted with a round of applause from the crowd.

Duane Pansky, a town resident, was the first to speak during public comment. “I don’t know what you guys have planned out there, but what should happen, because that road is so fractured ... you should lay gravel on it,” he said. “A lot of people need rocks out there for their shoreline. You need to let these people protect their properties. Let the contractors beat the gravel down with their trucks and then blacktop it.” 

Another resident of that area, who was not identified, spoke in favor of lifting the weight limit ban. “We’re not asking for anything we don’t think is reasonable,” he said. “We’re losing our property. My house is settling.”

He said it doesn’t make sense to fix the road now and then let 8,000-pound trucks drive on it. “We just want the guys to be able to haul and help us out,” he said.

Barb Krause, a resident of Bay Road, said, “Like so many others in this room, we run the risk of losing our property and we are taxpaying citizens. Not only are you inhibiting those on the road from trying to save their property, you are also inhibiting those who make a livelihood by hauling the products that we need.” She said the county has not kept the road up to the quality that it should be kept.

Glenn Herman, another Bay Road resident said his family is in the excavating and trucking business and he’s done jobs throughout the state. “I know there have been some people trying to blame the contractors for wrecking the road,” he said. “That road has been in disrepair long before those guys came in there. To blame the contractors is absolutely wrong.”

Herman asked if the town is liable for any damage to properties.

Drees said the town should temporarily lift the ban so residents can get their shoreline and property repaired. He said the road repair may have to be held off until next spring.

On Wednesday, Drees said the weight limit will be lifted for at least a couple of months.  

Supervisor Kayla Furton told residents she is looking into grants available for residents to restore their shoreline.