MARINETTE — The local chapter of the Habitat for Humanity has changed its name, but its dedication to providing help local families remains the same.

The organization formally known as The River Cities Habitat for Humanity is now affiliated with Fuller Center for Housing and has changed its name to reflect this change. Now, the Fuller Center for Housing River Cities (FCH River Cities), the local chapter will continue to work in the area as an affordable housing ministry.

Thomas Tebo, executive director for FCH River Cities, said the decision to change the local chapter’s affiliation was made after a lot of thought and research.

“We’ve been thinking about this for a while but it wasn’t until about six months ago we really started to look into the differences between the two organizations,” Tebo explained.

Tebo describes Fuller Center for Housing as “Habitat for Humanity 15 years ago.” He said several aspects of the mission from Habitat’s grassroots are highlighted with the new organization.

FCH was founded in 2005 by Millard and Linda Fuller, who also founded Habitat in the 1970s. The Fullers left Habitat for Humanity in 2004.

Tebo said he still believes Habitat for Humanity is a great organization that continues to help people across the world, but FCH fits the local needs better.

“Over time, Habitat has become a lot more bureaucratic. Fuller Center has less oversight and we can focus on projects that fit our community,” Tebo said.

Some of the reasons Tebo cited for the change include a few stipulations that Habitat has for local chapters. For instance, local chapters of Habitat are required to build or remodel a house every three years. However, Tebo said the local area does not always have need for such projects.

“Sometimes what we need to focus on is not building someone a house, but keeping them in their house,” he said. “Sometimes what a person needs is a wheelchair ramp or their house painted. Fuller Center allows us to focus on these projects if we need to. We have more flexibility.”

Over the past several years, Tebo said the local Habitat chapter has been focusing on these smaller projects such as building wheel chair ramps, painting houses and providing new doors. The projects under Habitat were called a Brush with Kindness, are now called Greater Blessing Projects.

Tebo said he believes the change will have a positive impact on the local chapter.

“It’s really energized us. We have something we can build on and I think the change will spark new donors and help as well,” Tebo said.

Although the name of the local organization has changed, as well as the names of the projects it takes on, Tebo said not much else will change.