PESHTIGO — Kayla Furton is a candidate for Supervisor 3 in the Town of Peshtigo.

Furton, along with incumbent Thomas Holterman and Ryan Van Cleve, are seeking the position. The top two finishers in Tuesday’s primary election advance to the spring election.

A native of the Town of Peshtigo, Furton said she enjoys the area’s natural beauty and the lifestyle.

“My husband (Dean) and I made the decision to move our family back home to be close to family and raise our children in the beautiful Town of Peshtigo,” she said.

Furton and her husband are both involved in education. She has been in education for 13 years as an English language teacher, coordinator, adult education instructor, and now education consultant.

Over the past two years, Furton said she has been attending town board meetings, other regional meetings that impact our community and she is an original member of the TOP Citizens Advisory Committee.

“I have seen the importance of strong local leadership and am willing to serve and advocate for our township,” Furton said.

“As a Town of Peshtigo board member, I would be committed to advocacy, transparency, communication, and collaboration,” she continued. “I am committed to a long-term solution and remediation for clean water for our health, property, and the environment. I see a need for transparency in board actions, decision-making, and communication. This would lead to increased fiscal responsibility, as well as stakeholder input, which are both essential to meet the unique needs of the township.”

Furton said that as a supervisor, she would perform her duties with integrity, hard work, common-sense, and perseverance.