MARINETTE — A top official with the construction company in charge of the new Community REC Center assured the Marinette City Council any issues will be ironed out and the city will receive a quality product.

Dan Bay, a senior project manager with Scherrer Construction of Burlington, Wis., provided the council with an update at Tuesday’s council meeting. He said there have been some issues with metal wall panels that go around the perimeter of the $17.5 million structure, located on Pierce Avenue, near Marinette High School.

“We’re working with manufacturer and the subcontractor closely, on a daily basis,” he said. “We have not developed a plan yet. Once we have that plan in place I will present it to everyone. I will do an outline of our game plan, what we’re going to accomplish, what we’re going to do.”

The improper installation of the front panels affect the installation of other building facets, such as corners and gutters.

Bay said he hopes the matter is resolved in the next few days. He said it’s been a long process because they had to get the manufacturer on site, walk him around and then wait for his report.

“I apologize for it, but we’re ready to go,” Bay said. “We want to get this thing addressed. So we need to have a plan that the manufacturer and all parties will sign off on.”

Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot agreed, stating, “They need a plan that the manufacturer and all the parties will sign off on.” 

Bay assured the project will be done correctly.

“The building right now, it’s not taking away the structural integrity or the look or the quality,” he said. “We’re not going to give you a product any less than what you expected and what you paid for.”

Genisot added, “They want to make sure that they take the proper time, even if it takes a little bit longer, to get it right and that the community gets a facility that they deserve.” 

Take away the panel issue, the rest of the project appears to be going smoothly. Bay said all the concrete and masonry is complete. He said doors are being installed and paint touch up is taking place. He said the restrooms are nearly complete and bleachers and hockey boards will be installed next week. “Then the ice rink will almost be complete,” he said.

Bay said the concrete has been poured for the artificial turf (at the south side of the building), while electrical and HVAC have been roughed in. He said the middle section (which will include the tennis courts) is being used for equipment storage, but it’s all painted and the electrical and HVAC has to be roughed in.

“Probably toward the beginning of April, maybe mid-April at the latest, we’ll be wrapping up the project,” Bay said. “We will be doing inspections, training and then partial occupancy and substantial completion. The only thing we will have outstanding then come springtime will be site work — we’ll just have some curb and gutter to do yet, some light poles to put in, asphalt and then it will be all yours.”

Once Scherrer and the manufacturer have come up with a solid plan and have it in place, they will then return and present their proposal to the full council. During which time they could go into closed session to discuss the strategy regarding the rec center construction issues.

In another matter, Genisot informed the council that a Starbucks will be coming to the area. He said it would be located in an outlot area of the Pine Tree Mall. The matter will be discussed at today’s Plan Commission meeting.