MARINETTE — Following a special meeting of the Board of Public Works held prior to the council meeting Tuesday evening, the Marinette City Council unanimously approved a recommendation to award a bid to Prostar Surfaces Inc., Milwaukee, to construct a new walking track at the Community REC Center.

Director of Public Works Brian Miller, who spoke at the Public Works meeting, said Prostar submitted the only bid that was not only complete, but met all the bid specifications.

Mayor Steve Genisot told members of the Board of Public Works that construction is expected to begin within 10 days. The walking track will be installed in Building C.

The Prostar bid for $127,500 includes a $11,500 allowance for four painted logos on the track and the provision to upgrade from an 8mm base mat to 10mm at no extra cost, Miller said.

The company also included a supplemental bid for $22,000 to apply a moisture mediation primer to the concrete floor if it is determined to be necessary.

Miller said the concrete would be tested prior to installation to see if a moisture barrier was needed.

Genisot was asked where the funds would come from to pay for the project.

While some Focus on Energy funding would be applied, “we have a donor that has agreed to put $50,000 to the REC Center, $40,000 directly to this project and $10,000 for other capitals, such as furniture. So that would put you at $130,000.”

Genisot said the amount wouldn’t cover the additional $22,000, “but speaking to the vendor, it didn’t sound like it would be necessary … but we wanted to clearly define what the cost would be if it was needed.”

He said they wanted to look at “ the worst case scenario in case the surface could not be applied properly,” because the city didn’t want to have any warranty issues.

Genisot said Miller will confirm with Gavin (Scray) what the moisture content is and what is necessary.

Scray is the executive director of Recreation and Events.

“We would need to come up with $12,000 extra if the moisture barrier is needed,” Genisot said.

The Board of Public Works gave unanimous approval to the recommendation to accept the bid from Prostar, a company from Milwaukee, which was also unanimously approved later by council.

Alderman Jeff Skorik, who seconded the motion to make the recommendation to council during the Public Works meeting, said, “the walking track, second to the ice, is one of the best features of the REC Center.”

He said people, especially senior citizens, enjoy walking inside.

“It’s a good investment for the community,” Skorik said.

The only other bid was received from Baseman Brothers Inc. of Ixonia, Wisconsin.