MARINETTE — The Marinette Parks & Recreation Committee received an update Tuesday regarding the Recreation Department’s planned events for the Community REC Center and the strategies which will help guide the department when choosing what events to hold and what not to hold. 

Melissa Ebsch, Marketing & Tourism Director for the city and Marinette County, presented committee members with handouts on Tuesday containing the marketing strategy the Recreation Department will follow when choosing, planning and advertising events in the city. The strategy includes steps for marketing content creation, promotion, communication and personalization tactics, collaboration and performance evaluation. 

“Everything that we do will have this to go with it,” Ebsch said of the strategy. 

Ebsch also handed out a list of scheduled and tentative events for the Community REC Center in 2019 and 2020. Scheduled 2019 events at the Community REC Center include National Night Out on Aug. 6; Kids Day in Marinette on Aug. 9; a Health & Wellness Expo on Sept. 25; an antique and flea market on Oct. 19; a Blues, Brews & BBQ event, tentatively set in October or November; Colossal Fossils, a dinosaur discovery opportunity, on Nov. 9; Christmas in Marinette on Dec. 7; and a formal dinner and dance party for New Year’s Eve on Dec. 31. Some scheduled 2020 events include the Everything Outdoors Show, showcasing boats, RVs, camping, fishing and more on Jan. 17 through Jan. 19, and the Old House New House Home Show on April 3 through April 5. 

“We’re collaborating, again, with the EagleHerald and Bay Cities Radio on some of these events for 2019,” Ebsch said, pointing to the expos and business shows. 

“Our goal with those two outlets is that we would try to do a big, joint venture type of event quarterly, with all three parties,” said Executive Recreation Director Gavin Scray. 

“This is what we’re doing,” Ebsch added. “Collaborating with the local media only helps us and the REC Center.” 

Ward 7 Alderman Rick Polzin asked why more sporting events weren’t listed in the tentative schedule. Scray said many of the sporting events would be left to local athletic groups to organize, as “they would have the contacts in the industry.” 

“If we’re going to go down that route, it’s going to take a little prodding by us to make that happen,” Scray said. “But I think it’s certainly an opportunity.” 

Alderperson-at-large Dorothy Kowalski said she would like to see some more recreational events that cater to teenagers in the community. 

“I think we’re trying,” she said. “I think we need to do that, because they’re kind of a left-out group.” 

Ebsch said she was working to put together a game night lock-in to be held at the Community REC Center sometime in the future, as well as some themed dances. 

Polzin said he was still interested in the financial aspect of the planned events, and how the Recreation Department would pick and choose from their list of tentative events to see what would bring in the most revenue. Scray said he believed a large portion of revenue comes from interested parties renting out rooms in the facility, and the department was currently focused on setting down the groundwork for several annual, main events. 

“I’d like to see us have a goal,” Polzin said. “Our target for this year, whatever it is, but at least a target. I think you have to have another piece that speaks to how you’re going to deal with all this stuff.” 

Mayor Steve Genisot also warned the Recreation Department against over-scheduling themselves, and asked that they prioritize some events over others. 

The committee took no action on the topic.