MENOMINEE — The Menominee Special Projects/Community Relations Committee met Tuesday to discuss the 2019 Waterfront Festival. Similar to past years, the festival is scheduled for the first weekend of August — Aug. 1-4. Nancy Douglas will again be the festival director.

In regards to last year’s festival, City Manager Tony Graff commented on the success of the various booths. “We did have a few less booths,” he said, “but I think that helped, because the non-profits didn’t have as much competition. I walked around to various booths and asked how they were doing — I know I got to at least eight or nine — and they told me they were doing pretty good. A couple of them ran out of things and had to get more supplies on Sunday, which is a good sign that they did well.”

Douglas said that last year’s festival went off well, “without any hitches or glitches. We had plenty of volunteers and didn’t have any holes in the schedule or anything like that.”

She said that they also found some things that need to be fixed for the upcoming festival. “The festival could have made more money if the ATMs didn’t run out of money. The (Pirate’s) Cove and the Ogden Club and Murray’s all ran out of ATM money, so we’re going to try to get our own ATM there,” she said.

“We’ve looked at a couple of other things, too,” she said, “We don’t think we need two beer booths anymore. We may try to go with one sort of in the middle, which will cut down the need for volunteers and also be a little easier on policing the alcohol consumption.”

Douglas also said that she would like to find something to offer kids between the ages of 13 and 17, but said that coming up with something for that age range was proving to be very difficult. “We used to have dances, but they were really problems. We’ve talked about doing some kind of arcade or gaming thing, but the people in that business tell me they don’t do that anymore, so we’ll explore that a little more.”

Committee member Doug Robinson brought up the idea of some kind of laser-light show, which both Douglas and Graff had considered as well. However, they said that a show like that was very expensive. “I went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s light show, and I thought, ‘That’d be great!’ But then I looked at the price, and we have a great fireworks crew that does a great job for not much money,” Douglas said.

Graff also commented on the idea of a light show. He said, “The lowest price I’ve seen for a 40-minute show was almost $8,500. It was just the kind of light show that would go across the buildings, not the kind of big formal show which would’ve been in the $20,000 range.”

Douglas also said that beer sales at the festival have been in a bit of a decline, and the festival committee did make a decision not to offer craft beers at the festival. “We only sold two barrels, and you do have to pay more for craft beers,” she said. She also said that there would be a greater effort to increase the entertainment on the Thursday and Friday of the festival to encourage people to stick around a bit longer on those days.

The committee decided to recommend the approval of the Waterfront Festival’s schedule and hiring of Douglas as the festival director to the City Council.