STEPHENSON — Bailey Park will have electrical work done at the West Shore Fishing Museum visitor center.

The decision to approve an electrical bid from Solander Electric passed unanimously in a roll call vote, Tuesday at the Menominee County Board of Commissioners meeting. The item, which was originally on the agenda as a discussion item, was moved forward and voted on Tuesday at the request of Bailey Property Preservation Association President Noreen Johnson. She said she wanted the bid approved as soon as possible because the weather may get too cold to complete the project if the county waits too long.

“The people at Bailey Park are on their game. They love their work because they love the park,” Commissioner Bill Cech said. “When it comes to building, they do their research and when they’re short of money they talk to their friends and suddenly the money appears.

“I always go along with Noreen and we check it out, but she does a good job and I think we need to meet her needs with this timely vote.”

Commissioner Gerald Piche asked for more information on the bids before making a decision.

“Can anyone explain if they’re good comparison and getting what we want?” he asked.

Cech said that all three companies who have placed bids have worked for the county in the past but the Solander bill is the cheapest.

“If they all do good work and this one is $4,000 cheaper, why not go with this one?” Cech asked.

“The main issue is the time span,” Commissioner Larry Phelps said. He said he asked Johnson if she explained the same work load to every contractor and Johnson said she had done it. “If this isn’t done and we wait until next spring, we could be looking at the material costs increases and labor increases anyway.”

Johnson said that County Administrator Jason Carviou has been aware of the bidding process and has signed off on the permits needed for the project. Carviou was not in attendance at the meeting.

She said a major difference in the bids is the type of electrical fixtures that the companies will provide.

“What we have now is basic porcelain fixtures and we need more of those,” she said. She said two of the contractors offered different fixtures which would be more expensive.

“I don’t think we need the fanciest light fixtures, because the need for those lights are when we host weddings and things like that but they won’t be used every weekend so we can just use the simplest fixtures,” she said.

She said the wiring needs to be run into the foundation before the cement can be poured and “the weather is closing in on us.”

The board voted in favor of the Solander Electric bid.

In other business:

■ The board voted to approve Resolution 2019-12 Establishment of Unified Procedures for Land Divisions and Combinations and the Creation of New Parcels in Menominee County.

■ The board voted to Resolution 2019-13 Fee Schedule for Freedom of Information Act & Public Records Requests.

■ The board voted to approve Marco Technologies LLC as the vendor for the county’s VOIP Telephone project.