EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard
Kevin Rysewyk (front) and Mitch Cole finish matching up and reinstalling the final panels where the insulation was sticking out Tuesday at the Community REC Center in Marinette.
EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard

Kevin Rysewyk (front) and Mitch Cole finish matching up and reinstalling the final panels where the insulation was sticking out Tuesday at the Community REC Center in Marinette.

MARINETTE — The City of Marinette is poised to enter into a contract with a new construction management company to finish the ongoing Community REC Center construction, which is nearing completion. 

Following closed session after its meeting on Tuesday, the City Council voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with The Boldt Company of Appleton, Wis., to complete construction management for the Community REC Center project, with the final contract to be reviewed, finalized and signed by Mayor Steve Genisot with support of City Attorney Jonathan Sbar and the city’s outside counsel. 

Genisot said in comments after the meeting that the new contract with The Boldt Company does not mean that the city has reached a settlement with the project’s previous construction management company, Scherrer Construction Co. of Burlington, Wis. 

“We have not finalized that,” he said. “That is still being worked out, the details.” 

Genisot said that the council had been “brought up to speed” during the closed session on Tuesday regarding the negotiations, and that he hoped to bring discussion into open session in the near future.

The Community REC Center’s construction issues have already dragged on for nine months past the building’s first completion date, March 1. While Scherrer Construction Co. took on the project with the ambitious promise that it would be complete by the beginning of March, cold snaps, improperly-installed exterior wall panels and other delays pushed completion to April, then June, and eventually left the project in limbo. The City of Marinette retained outside counsel to pursue legal remedies regarding the improper wall panel installation, and chose to rebid the panel work on May 22.

The City of Marinette contracted with The Boldt Company on July 30 in order to replace the exterior metal wall panels on the Community REC Center, to the tune of $989,950 and a set completion date of 20 weeks after the contract was signed. The city chose Boldt over a lower, $937,000 bid from C&C Services of Aniwa, Wis., which would have set the completion date back to Jan. 31, 2019. The city council voted to contract with The Boldt Company despite the $52,950 difference, favoring an earlier start to a cheaper price tag. Genisot initially said the city would like to see the building completed by Dec. 14, and included incentives in its contract to complete the panel installation by that date. The Boldt Company gave a more conservative estimate in July of completion by Dec. 28.

Panel installation under The Boldt Company, according to Genisot, is “right on track.” 

“They’ve made some really good progress,” he said. “They’ve got just the south side to be completed, and we’re going to wait for the rest of the final trades to complete their portions of the project.” 

The facility’s completion and opening date hinge entirely upon completion of the exterior wall panel replacement, as their installation affects other facets of the building process, such as corners and gutters — some aspects of the building cannot be finished until the issue is resolved.

Genisot confirmed that the panels are still set to be completed by Dec. 14, next week, and the remaining inside work has yet to be finalized. 

“We’ve got some floor coverings in the tennis area, some trim, the rest of the gutters to go on,” he said. “We’re still pushing hard for that end of the month deadline.” 

The building’s opening date could affect hockey season games, which were planned to be held in the existing Civic Center hockey dome to begin with a transition to the Community REC Center when it was completed.

Financially, Genisot has said the $17 million project is still on budget, barring the extra costs to rebid the panel work.