Several locations in both Marinette and Menominee were vandalized late Tuesday night.

The Menominee North Pier Lighthouse, Blesch Intermediate School, Jack’s Fresh Market in Menominee, the Menominee County Sheriff’s Department and at least one building in Marinette owned by Joe Grinsteiner of Wallace were marked with graffiti that included profanity against President Donald Trump and the Menominee Maroons, as well as references to street gangs and communism.

Menominee Mayor Jean Stegeman said she had heard about the vandalism late Tuesday night, and had seen the graffiti at Jack’s for herself before it was cleaned up. She said she called city hall around 7:30 Wednesday morning to have the Department of Public Works wash the affected buildings.

Stegeman said, to her knowledge, the vandalism in Marinette was connected to what happened in Menominee. The Menominee Police Department issued a statement saying a 22-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy were identified, and charges will be forthcoming from the Menominee County Prosecutor’s Office. The Marinette Police Department said in a statement the individuals were identified and cited. The two departments worked jointly in identifying the individuals responsible.

“It is extraordinarily disappointing that someone had so little pride in our community that they thought this was okay,” Stegeman said.

She said vandalizing the lighthouse, in particular, was a major sign of disrespect, as the lighthouse is a major community symbol for both Menominee and Marinette.

“I want to remind people, however, that this represents a minority of our young people,” Stegeman said. She said the majority of the young people in Menominee and Marinette are good and said that it would be unfair to judge an entire age group by the actions of a few.

Stegeman said that Tim Evans of the Menominee Department of Public Works and several volunteers assisted in cleaning up the graffiti.