MENOMINEE — The first commercial operation contract at the Menominee Regional Airport in 10 years was approved Tuesday by the Menominee County Board of Commissioners.

The contract is between Menominee County and the M&M Aviation LLC, which is currently operating in Delta County. County Administrator Jason Carviou said the company is looking to move its operation and would be interested in moving to the Menominee Regional Airport. M&M Aviation LLC would provide maintenance and limited training to users of the airport.

Carviou said he is unsure why M&M Aviation LLC has decided to move their operations, but the representative from the company was impressed with Menominee Regional Airport. 

“We are complimented on having one of the nicest airports and a great staff, so I’m sure those played into his decision,” he said.

The company would be using a county-owned hangar for its operations. Carviou said M&M Aviation LLC would only be using about 1/3 - 1/2 of the hangar and the county would be able to continue renting out the remaining portion of the hangar, as well as store some of its own equipment during the winter.

Carviou said this agreement would be beneficial to the county because it would not only provide services to the airport users but it would potentially increase the airport’s revenue.

The number of planes that fly into the airport because of this business is expected to increase.

“It’s hard to estimate an exact number of planes that will be flying through, but we anticipate an increase between 50 and 100 airplanes per year,” Carviou said. This would increase the airport’s fuel sales. “It can only benefit our fuel sales. “There will be no negative impact whatsoever on our fuel sales because they are not an operator that will be handling fuel sales or landing fees. They are strictly maintenance and flight training.”

M&M Aviation LLC will also provide some flight instruction, but Carviou said it would be more advanced classes. The lessons would not be curated for first-time flyers.

The county board of commissioner voted unanimously in favor of this commercial operating agreement.

In other action: 

¦ An Economic Development Committee was created.

¦ The vote to add two additional members to the airport advisory committee failed with a 5-4 vote in favor. It needed a 2/3 votes to pass.

¦ An airport land lease between Menominee County and the Civil Air Patrol was approved.

¦ An MDOT Contract to repaint the airport runways was approved.

¦ The Menominee Regional Airport Committee meeting scheduled for May 21 has been cancelled.