MARINETTE — Eight officers of the Marinette County Sheriff’s Department and one of the Peshtigo Police Department received commendations from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Tuesday for their roles in the capture of Devontae Amos, who while armed robbed the mBank in Stephenson last August while being wanted for three bank robberies in the Milwaukee area.

Presented commendations and receiving applause at a meeting of the Marinette County Public Services Committee before their families in the county board room at the courthouse were Sergeants Lance Lincoln and Randy Miller, Detective Dan Miller, Deputies Dave Oginski and Steve Schmidt and Narcotics Investigator Bill Swanson of the sheriff’s department. Also honored, but not in attendance, were, Sgt. Bob Amundson and Deputy Spencer Elias and his K-9 partner Cash of the sheriff’s department and Peshtigo Police Officer Bob Hulce.

The Marinette Police Department also was involved in the capture of Amos, 25 at the time, of Sheboygan, Wis., in Marinette on Aug. 25, 2017, the same day he robbed the mBank in Stephenson. He was lodged in the Marinette County Jail pending extradition. The FBI had offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to Amos’ capture.

“Today our agency is very honored to have (five) representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation here,” said Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve. “The purpose of their visit with us is to hand out awards to several of our officers in reference to the capture of a real desperado almost a year ago that was a bank robber.”

Addressing the committee were Justin Tolomeo and Tim Slater, special agents in charge of the FBI’s divisions in Milwaukee and Detroit, respectively.

“As the sheriff mentioned, on Aug. 25 officers and deputies here arrested an armed and dangerous individual who fled justice in Milwaukee after committing a series of armed robberies and decided to continue his bank robbery spree,” Tolomeo said. “If not for the work of the officers and deputies we are going to honor today, he might have continued to do such (more robberies) or at least begin to hurt people.

“This mission of the FBI is to protect the American people and to uphold the Constitution. It’s key that we have partnerships at the local, state and federal levels. This is just one great example of how all that came together at the right time.”

Slater also emphasized the importance of law enforcement partnerships.

“The more complex this world gets and the faster it moves, we rely on partnerships and the private sector and certainly local leadership of the community as well as our state and local partners,” Slater said. “Without these partners we couldn’t do this job.”

Slater thanked the family members of the officers honored.

“I want to say thanks to the family members for allowing your spouse or significant other to be involved in law enforcement and for all those nights that you stay up being worried and concerned,” he said. “We’re thankful to you for allowing them to do good for a living. It’s not lost upon us how dangerous and complex their job is.”

Slater said the commendations presented Tuesday “not only represent the efforts of each officer and deputy, but also represent the sheriff and the chief for the training and support they give for them to do their jobs.”

Tolomeo said with the special response team outfitted with helmets and other gear and with information being fed to them in a timely manner there was “great investigative work going on.”

“Everyone worked together and this came together,” he said. “Our partnership with the Marinette Police Department really paid off. Thanks to all you guys.” Marinette police officers were previously honored.

¦ Also honored at Tuesday’s meeting was Marinette County Deputy Zak Albrecht, who was presented a “lifesaving pin” for saving a life by administering Narcan to a person who overdosed on heroin last month. Sauve said it was the first such award presented to someone in the sheriff’s department.

“I have a very special award, I have a letter and lifesaving pin for Zak,” Sauve said. “The opiate epidemic has hit us hard here.

“We recently supplied our officers with Narcan. We hoped someday that would pay off and it did.”

Sauve read a letter to commend Albrecht for his lifesaving actions in the City of Peshtigo on June 13.

“At approximately 2:17 p.m. the Marinette County Central Dispatch received an emergency call of a possible heroin overdose occurring in a motel room,” the sheriff said. “You (Albrecht) responded to the scene, assessed the situation and administered two doses of Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, to an unconscious male.

“By all accounts he was dying. Your quick assessment and application of recently received training certainly made a difference and created a positive outcome for the patient, his family and the community. You actions are truly commendable. Thank you for a job well done.”