(NAPSI)—The stock market is down and it's tax season. We've got money on our mind and how to save it. So we've rounded up our top three favorite apps to help you save or at least make sure you don't overpay.

1.) Basket—Are you paying too much for your groceries? There was no way to know until Basket launched its app. Simply tell Basket what you're planning on buying and the app will tell you which store has the best price for each item on your list and your total shopping list. The app uses crowdsourcing to get the best prices on apples, eggs, milk, wine—and everything else you can imagine—at over 156,000 supermarkets across the nation.

The idea came about after Neil Kataria, a father of three, began wondering if he was really getting the best prices when he bought items online from Amazon and Diapers.com, or if he could have saved more by shopping locally. As he began to audit his receipts, he realized that off-line prices were much more competitive—and shopping in store saved him 30−40 percent.

After launching in January 2016, Basket now has over 16 billion dynamic prices. Basket also helps users save money on all baby, pet and beauty items. This spring, Basket moves into B2B space and will launch an insight platform to work with brands and grocery stores.

2.) Honey—If you do most of your shopping online and love couponing but don't have the time (who does?), this app (or Google Chrome extension on your PC) is for you. It helps users save money by doing all the coupon searching and applying the coupons automatically at checkout. Occasionally, Honey will not have any coupon codes for your order. This happens when there just aren't any offered deals at the time, so you can go ahead and buy that Bluetooth speaker or that Gap sweater with confidence knowing you got the best price.

3.) CamelCamelCamel—Can't get enough of shopping on Amazon? Always scouring the Internet for the best deals? CamelCamelCamel is a free Amazon price tracker that monitors millions of products and alerts you when prices drop, helping you decide when to buy. Don't want to add another app to your already crowded smartphone? Consumers can add "The Camelizer," a price-tracking add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, to easily view the price history of any product sold by Amazon-supported retailers. Ready, set, shop!

clicktotweet “To save money on groceries, you can turn to an app that uses crowdsourcing to find the best prices. You create your shopping lists in the app and it shows you what’s in stock locally and where to find the best prices. It compares prices online, too. http://bit.ly/2H8UTb0

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