100 YEARS AGO: The Senate Military Committee today voted to report favorably at once the administration man power bill extending draft ages to from 18 to 45 years, but with the amendment by Senator Reed of Missouri to have the government provide two years education free to all boys under 21 years of age, to be given after the war.

50 YEARS AGO: LeRoy Anderson of Racine, Wis., hooked a live hand grenade Sunday while fishing in the Mississippi River. He turned it over in the Rock Island County sheriff’s office where it was stored in a bucket of water until demolition experts could disarm it. The grenade was a type issued to the Army.

25 YEARS AGO: In a column written by Nat Hentoff in the Eagle-Star, he said, “The Oregon Legislature once enacted a law that barred from the state’s public schools all American history textbooks that contained criticism of the Founding Fathers and those Americans who fought to preserve the Union. (There could be no mention, for example, that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.) That sort of history was divisive. History should bring us together.”

FIVE YEARS AGO: Judy Alwin, Logging & Heritage Festival chairperson, started Monday afternoon’s Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic & Lights committee meeting by giving a brief overview of the recent festival that was held the second weekend of July. The weekend had a favorable turnout, according to Alwin. She said they came out a little ahead in terms of money after all the bills were paid. The extra money was given to the bands Wings of Eagles, Senior Moments and Larry Mullins & Friends, who had all previously agreed to perform at the festival free of charge. Alwin also mentioned that in the future, they would shorten Sunday’s festival hours. “I think people were festival-ed out,” she said.