100 YEARS AGO: An unusual opportunity to do land clearing work at a cost far below any past operations of the same kind has been presented to Marinette County farmers, together with farmers in other parts of upper Wisconsin. This opportunity consists of the chance to obtain TNT, the high explosive which was used so generally during the war at no cost for the explosive and at the cost only of cartridge, packing and distributing. This cost is $8 per hundred pounds for packing and distributing and a cost of $1 to $1.50 per one hundred pounds for freight. There is, available at this time, a limited quantity of the TNT, which the government has given to the state college of agriculture for experimental and demonstration work. 

50 YEARS AGO: Menominee County will experience a slight increase in population in 1970 compared to the 1960 census according to a report filed by the Bureau of Planning and Program Development and the budget division of the Bureau of the Budget of Michigan. The entire Upper Peninsula is estimated to gain about 7,000 in total population. The country north of the Straits of Mackinac bow has about five percent of the population for all of Michigan but more than one-third of the total land. The total population for the Upper Peninsula is now being estimated at 312,949 compared to 305,952 in 1960. According to the Michigan survey report, Menominee County showed a population of 24,685 in 1960 and it estimated to have 24,690 by 1970. This represents an increase in only five. By 1990, the report estimates Menominee County will have a population of 27,610 or about 3,000 more than now. 

25 YEARS AGO: The cases against 11 Marinette-area commercial fishermen and wholesales who allegedly under-reported large harvests of perch and whitefish will be sent to the Marinette County District’s Attorney’s office for prosecution. The individuals, whose identities have not been yet released, include seven separate licensed fishermen and four unlicensed fishermen. State conversation wardens from the Department of Natural Resources have document 321 violations involving 13,000 pounds of perch and 1,137 pounds of whitefish. Larry Kriese, DNR district law enforcement supervisor, said the scope of the investigation will likely increase. The DNR is currently uncovering new leads against the 11 violators. “The fish we’re talking about now are minimums,” he said, referring to the 13,000 and 1,137 pounds already document. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: Marinette County has not yet decided what it will do about actions taken at a recent Twin County Airport Commission meeting that the county’s corporation counsel has determined was not properly posted. Gale Mattison told members of the county’s Executive Committee Monday that the TCAC must conduct business under the rules of Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Act, and that a failure by TCAC Chairman Protem Garry Anderson to post the Sept. 16 meeting in Marinette County has violated the law. “Recently, there was an opinion which I’ve received a copy from the now-chairperson’s, I believe personal attorney, talking about how the airport is run. I believe the theory was… to say they don’t have to follow Wisconsin Open Meetings law,” she said of a Sept. 23 letter Anderson forwarded from attorney John Filoramo, who says it is his opinion that because the meetings are held in Michigan, they fall under Michigan OMA.