100 YEARS AGO: To work or fight, is again the slogan of local authorities. Police officials are in the midst of a round-up of “loafers” who persist in evading work. Chief Cook stated today that several have been on the carpet for failing to find work and in that way have violated the request of the government in the recent work or fight order. Some time ago there was a vigorous campaign carried out by the twin cities because of several known parties who failed to comply with the request that employment was necessary to remain in good graces with the government as Uncle Sam needed all the man power in work essential to the war. Chief Cook today issued a warning that employment was necessary, and also stated that there was no excuse for unemployed able-bodied men and boys. The same campaign threatened to be introduced in Menominee from reports from that side of the river. Chief Van Doozer last year conducted a city-wide search for the violators of the work or fight order and a large number were brought before the Menominee justice and municipal courts. 

50 YEARS AGO: Enstrom appeals to the public to buy is shares.

25 YEARS AGO: Some 40 students were banned from classes at Marinette High School after showing up for school in Los Angeles Raiders and Los Angeles Kings clothing, which was banned from the classroom recently because the black colors of the professional sports teams are sometimes related to gangs. “They kicked us out,” Kenneth Alloway, a student, said. “They wouldn’t even let us in the door.” The students were asked to leave the school property, so they moved their protest across the street. 

Principal James Kranpitz explained that the students were not allowed to wear the clothing because it could prove detrimental to the operation of the school. At the Sept. 13 school board meeting, Kranpitz had explained that a group of students who wore Raiders clothing were regularly involved in fights last year. He had also pointed out that the Raiders were known for their tough-guy and anti-establishment images. Kranpitz said the students were given the choice to change their clothes or turn them inside out. “Just because they (clothing) are the color of a gang, it doesn’t mean we’re in a gang,” Jeremy McGowan, a sophomore, said. “They’re just our favorite clothing.” One student was told by her coach that she would not be able to participate in her next tennis match if she continued to protest. Most of the students said they planned on protesting the entire school day despite the cool temperatures. Some added that they would protest in the future if the rule was not changed. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy is more worried about his team’s health and performance in close games than with his relationship with his quarterback. While McCarthy wasn’t asked Monday about his sideline clash with Aaron Rodgers, the coach did acknowledge concern with the Packers’ rash of hamstring injuries and troubling trend of close losses. At 1-2 following Sunday’s 34-30 loss in Cincinnati, the Packers are 21-24 in games decided by eight points or fewer since 2008, when Rodgers became the starting quarterback. The Packers are 6-18 in games decided by four points or fewer with McCarthy as the coach and Rodgers as the quarterback.