100 YEARS AGO: Marinette is stricken with an ice panic. The last cake was delivered by the Crystal Ice company this afternoon and from now until the next harvest merchants, hotels, drug stores and private homes will have to seek aid in any place they know of for the city supply is exhausted. The famine was predicted some time ago although it was felt that it would not come as soon as it has. Every attempt to conserve and make the amount last as long as possible was made by the company but the time has arrived. Marinette is not alone in the famine. Green Bay, Fond du Lac and other cities, both north and south, are hit as well. The only business places in the city that will continue to be supplied will be the saloons. The United Beverage company has a considerable amount on hand and has turned it over to Mr. Smith of this city who will deliver it to the customers of the beverage concern. 

50 YEARS AGO: In a letter to State Sen. Reuben LaFave, Mayor Edward Parsek today sharply criticized the placing of Marinette city and county in a state administrative district with areas whose problems and interests he said have nothing in common with those of the local scene. In creating the administrative units as an effort toward greater efficiency in State government, Gov. Warren P. Knowles placed Marinette and Oconto counties in a district that also includes Forest, Vilas, Langlade, Lincoln, Oneida and other counties to the west. In a strongly worded letter to LaFave, Parsek pointed out the city’s strongest ties have always been with communities and counties south and along the cast shore of Green Bay. He charged that the governor has “arbitrarily” placed Marinette in a district “with no common interest” with the city.   

25 YEARS AGO: Not even high stepping into Pasadena’s Rose Bowl and its pregame parade on New Year’s day could prepare Marinette’s Beth DeKelver for last Saturday’s gut wrenching experience. But instead of taking the approach that everyone is scrutinizing her, DeKelver figures everyone is behind her. At the very least, the whole University of Wisconsin Marching Band is behind her. On Aug. 28, DeKelver and three men auditioned for the drum major position on the band, and DeKelver became the second woman in the school’s history to get it. At Saturday’s football opener against Eastern Michigan, DeKelver led the band of 220 onto the Camp Randall Stadium turf. “I was very surprised. I guess I was just on a natural high for the first week.” DeKelver said of her reaction. “I’d spent all summer working to get it, but I never really thought what it would be like to have it.” 

FIVE YEARS AGO: The Marinette County Drug Treatment Court program that began Aug. 1 has its first participant and may get two more soon, the Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee was told Friday. “We currently have one participant that just got admitted yesterday,” said Sara Plansky-Pecor, coordinator of the program. “I’m very excited about that. “There are two other people that I am in the process of assessing as possible candidates for the program.” Health and Human Services (HHS) Director Robin Elsner, a member of the committee, reported that there is still much work needed to establish the program. He said that his department is working on developing an “intensive outpatient program.”