100 YEARS AGO: From present indications, Marinette County farmers and new settlers will take all of the TNT they can possibly get to be used for land-clearing operations. If the state secures a sufficient quantity, it appears now that there ought to be three or four times as much land cleared and developed in Marinette County in 1920 as ever before. All of the application blanks for TNT, which are available in the county, have already been taken by farmers. Prof. W. E. Morton of the Agricultural school had about 200 (applications) and Mr. Bogrand of the Wausaukee Independent had about 40 (applications). Each farmer is putting in an application for 100 pounds of TNT, which is the largest amount any one farmer can secure from the first allotment.

50 YEARS AGO: In the face of pressure to the contrary, the Menominee City Council has taken the sensible course by deciding in favor of Central Standard Time. It will simplify schedules for many persons, young and old, on both sides of the Menominee River who work, attend school, shop or keep professional appointments across the state line. Some confusion is unavoidable because the Menominee County Board of Supervisors has decided to stay with the rest of Michigan on Eastern Standard Time. This means, as of midnight Oct. 26 those adhering to Eastern Time will be an hour ahead of those on Central Time. At 8 a.m. Central Time, it will be 9 a.m. Eastern Time. This difference will be noted in Menominee County Courthouse and in District Court, for instance, with Eastern Time in effect there. 

25 YEARS AGO: It’s something that may have stepped right out of a George Orwell novel. Something that was unheard of one generation ago. And it’s something that the Marinette School District is now a part of. Marinette High School and Marinette Middle School recently hooked up to a distance learning system, where the teacher interacts with students from all across northeast Wisconsin through one-way video and two-way audio utilizing ITFS microwave technology. This allows students to be a part of a class that normally would not be offered in the district. This semester, there are five sixth graders taking a Foreign Language Exploratory (FLEX) class at the middle school. The class which meets Mondays and Wednesdays, gives children a sampling of lessons in Russian, German and French. At the high school, one girl is taking Japanese I, a year-long course. 

FIVE YEARS AGO:  The Menominee City Council elected Douglas R. Robinson, 4504 13th St., as the new alderman for the fourth ward at a special session Monday evening. Robinson will fill the unexpired term of Arnie Organ, a long-time member of the council, who recently resigned because of health issues. The term begins at the next council meeting, set for Oct. 20, and will continue until the November election in 2015. Robinson was one of two citizens who submitted letters of interest to the council, the other being Jim Weiland, 1102 38th Ave. Both men addressed the council Monday evening before a paper ballot was filled out by each of the seven aldermen and Mayor Jean Stegeman. Robinson shared his background as a former business owner, and said he viewed his potential role as a council member as an opportunity to discuss and debate issues with other elected officials to work for the people of the city.