100 YEARS AGO: Menominee police have been successful in getting information which led to the arrest and confession of Rudy Vleck, age 10 and William Greenisch, age 11, both residing on Polish row in that city. The two boys broke into the Lundgren drug store in that city Sunday at a late hour and stole serval boxes of cigars and a considerable quantity of gum. They were unable to get into the upper part of the store so they had to take their loot from the storeroom. Breaking into the basement by means of a trap door, they searched the place and found only gum and cigars. These they took and because of having them were discovered. After being lodged in the jail for a few hours, they confessed and also gave information leading to several other juvenile robberies in that city. 

50 YEARS AGO: Several members of the Marinette County Board of Supervisors expressed concern over the lack of parking and boat launching facilities along shore drive at a meeting today at the courthouse. The subject came up before the board during a report by the forestry and outdoor recreation committee. Ted Sauve of Marinette asked Richard Rocque of Town of Goodman, chairman of the committee, what has been done to provide facilities for fishermen. “I realize the committee has been confronted with this problem several times, but as far as I know nothing has been done. I think it’s time the issue was brought back to focus in view of the interest being shown in the upcoming coho (salmon) run,” Sauve stated. 

25 YEARS AGO: With skyrocketing crime rate and understaffed police departments, people throughout the United States can do their part to help make their communities a safer place. Locally, law enforcement officers urge citizens to be aware of any suspicious activity and report it to police immediately. There also are programs designed specifically to make the community more safe. One of the programs in Marinette has been going strong for several years is Neighborhood Watch, The basic concept of the program is simple — neighbors should look out for one another. Patrol officer Steve Constine, an 18-year veteran of the Marinette Police Department, is actively involved in Neighborhood Watch. He said four new blocks were added in 1993, bringing the total to 90 blocks for the entire city. “That’s more than 1,200 homes or roughly one-third of the city,” he said. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: The community has a cat population problem. Menominee Animal Shelter manager Nancy Dechert said the shelter has 54 cages for cats and/or kittens. “We can hold a litter of six kittens or one adult cat in a cage,” she said. “The population can vary, but the number of cages doesn’t.” Dechert said its not that the shelter has a cat problem, but the Marinette and Menominee area does. “A lot of cats are not even owned. They are ‘community cats,’ a cat that wanders around the neighborhood and eats and lives just fine, and then has a litter of kittens at someone else’s,” she said. “Then there are ‘loosely-owned’ cats that have kittens and more kittens.”