100 YEARS AGO: Coming to the city to meet old friends and then landing in the county jail, later to face a charge on nonsupport, is not the most enjoyment there is; but it happened to Harry J. Dewick, formerly of Marinette County and now located in Janesville. Mr. Dewick was arrested here two years ago, charged with failing to provide for his wife and son. He spent a considerable length of time in the county jail and then became rather intimate with John Hooper, the turnkey. He was arraigned before Judge Quinlan a few weeks after being arrested and on promising to provide means of living for the wife and child, was placed on parole. For the time of probation he lived up to his arrangement, but after probation had expired, he evidently believed his duty to the family was over. He left the city and went elsewhere to work. 

50 YEARS AGO: Two super-charged American Astronauts made a bull’s-eye landing on the moon today, raised their flag and wise-cracked their way through a four-hour exploration of the black, powdery surface. Before returning safely to their lunar ferry Intrepid, they deployed five scientific instruments powered by the first nuclear generator on the moon. In landing on the Ocean of Storms “Pete: Conrad  Jr. and Alan L. bean carried man’s quest for the unknown to that alien soil a second time. They opened a new age of discovery, the first detailed exploration of the moon. Their moonwalk was spoiled for earthlings when a camera transmitting the first color television pictures of the noon failed after 45 minutes. 

25 YEARS AGO: A walk out involving about 80 students ended early this morning when students were granted their request to talk to Wausaukee School Board President Jack Zore. The students gathered in the school parking lot Thursday morning, refusing to attend classes to protest Wednesday’s decision by the board of education to eliminate two principal positions held by Peter Ninnemann and Carl Anderson and of with one K-12 principal. The students were out of class all day Thursday, but returned to class this morning when District Administrator Cleland Methner told them the meeting between students and Zore was being set up. Methner said the meeting will probably take place Nov. 28. The students are upset with the way the school board handled the administrative re-organizational process and feel they, at the very least, deserve an explanation why the decision was made. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: Students throughout the Marinette School District have been focusing on raising funds for the homeless this week.“This whole week has been dedicated for the awareness of homelessness,” said Noah Rastall, student representative, at the school board meeting Tuesday night. The number of homeless children has surged in recent years, to an all-time high amounting to one child in every 30, according to Superintendent Tim Baneck. Marinette has collaborated with the school districts of Menominee, Peshtigo and Oconto to promote awareness and support about this social problem. The schools are in a competition and collecting “change for change.” This week is dedicated to stop out homelessness and hunger. Students, staff and community members can donate change at any of the schools this week.