100 YEARS AGO: Marinette is to have an athletic field. This was particularity assured by action taken at the meeting of the school board last night (May 12) when the Board of Public Works headed by Mayor Fisher appeared before the board and advocated the use of the Sawyer Goodman tract on Eleventh Street and Cleveland Avenue. The Board of Public Works has secured an option, under most favorable terms, for seven and a half acres there which will make a splendid field for school and city athletics. It was informed by Mayor Fisher that after conferences with Robert F. Goodman of the Sawyer Goodman company, that the latter had agreed to give the city the use of that tract of land for five years free of rental with an option to purchase any time within three years at a reasonable figure.  

50 YEARS AGO: Contracts for 17 new teachers were approved Monday night (May 12) by the Marinette Board of Education. The list of new faculty members who will join the staff in the fall includes 10 with previous teaching experience. It was also the reorganization session for the board. By a unanimous vote, members reelected Howard Olson as school board president for his fifth consecutive term. Howard Bandy was returned as vice president. Olson was reluctant to accept the post for another term. However, board members noted that a new superintendent has been named, a building program is in the formulation stage and many other changes are taking place. They said the president’s experienced leadership will prove especially valuable in the days ahead. 

25 YEARS AGO: Out of 150 Marinette high school seniors who responded to a recent survey, only 12 said they do not drink alcohol. The results of the survey — prepared and distributed by Student Senate co-president and school board representative Chad Dau — show what many parents and school officials already know: alcohol is a problem among young people. The survey, which was answered by almost all of the school’s 180 seniors, shows 92 percent have consumed alcohol during their lives. Of this number, 39 percent drank alcohol within one week of the survey and 23 percent drank within the last month. Sixty-two percent of the responders were athletes. Another startling revelation is that 56 percent of the respondents said they have, on at least one occasion, driven after drinking or rode with someone who had been drinking. The overall results of the survey were pretty much what he had expected, Dau said.

FIVE YEARS AGO: An August start-up of a drug court program to help combat the area’s growing heroin problem remains a goal of the Marinette County Criminal Justice Committee. “We’re still hoping that on Aug. 1 we can start admitting participants,” Health and Human Services Director Robin Elsner told fellow committee members on Friday. “I think that’s our goal.” The county was awarded a $124,502 grant from the state earlier this year to fund Drug Court and Treatment Alternative Diversion (TAD) programs to help fight escalating heroin and opiate problems. District Attorney Allen Brey, a committee member, agreed with Elsner that an Aug. 1 start for the drug court still is the committee’s goal. “Whether we’ll make it by Aug. 1, I don’t know,” he said. “But I think everyone on this committee agrees we need a goal for a start date.”