100 YEARS AGO: Voter’s of Marinette County will have an opportunity of choosing between four candidates for County Judge at the regular election on April 1. Petitions have been filed with the county clerk. Saturday (March 1) was the last day for filing and within a few hours of the day three petitions came in. The present judge Alvin E. Davis seeks the votes of the people of the county for re-election of the office which he now holds. Justice William F. Haase is also a candidate for the office. His petition was the second one filed with the clerk. Attorney John H. Franzke also announced through petition that he is a candidate for the same office. The fourth attorney to file was Charles C. Daily. Daily is at present time city judge. All candidates are non-partisan as the state laws have done away with party lines in this election. 

50 YEARS AGO: The Menominee City Council Monday (March 3) night took steps to ease restrictions in an agreement that will benefit industrial expansion in the community. Murray Grabowsky, president of Fish Net & Twine Company of Menominee, owns property on 10th Street at an industrial site formally owned by the city. Grabowsky intends to sell that piece of property to Lock City Transportation Company of Menominee which is a part of the Stang Tank Line now operating out of its facilities at 327 6th Ave., according to information given to the councilmen. Council’s action last night eases the tax assessment minimum from $50,000 to $37,5000 and will be used as a trucking terminal.

25 YEARS AGO: Joyce Kramer’s second-grade class is finding out that it’s a small world after all. For the past two months the children at Lincoln School have made friends with about 35 fellow second-graders across the globe. The friendship began shortly after Kramer visited her daughter who is attending college in Japan. Over Christmas, Kramer got to know a Japanese family who has a daughter in second grade just outside of Tokyo. Shohei Takagi suggested his daughter’s class exchange cards and photographs with Kramer’s class, hoping it would bring Japanese and American children closer together, Kramer said. “They sent a display of drawings of eight Japanese games, including kites, tops and card games,” she said. Lincoln School returned the favor by sending back valentines and friendship cards to the children. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: The new Lloyd House apartment project isn’t the only venture moving forward on 1st Street in Menominee. Tim Murray, owner of Murray’s Irish Pub and Grille, has drawn up a couple changes for his business, as well. Like the Lloyd House, Murray’s was also in a state of ruin before being brought back to life through extensive renovations. For the past six years, Murray’s has offered its customers the best of old and new. Hardwood floors with high tin ceilings, just as in the original building from the 1800s, but with a 21st century bar and big screen televisions. In addition, there is a separate fine dining area and an upstairs ballroom complete with a full service bar. A couple years back, Murray purchased the empty lot between his business and the Pirate’s Cove with the hope of some day expanding his business. That some day is now. He’s hired the local firm of U.P. Engineers & Architects to bring his idea to reality. One of the biggest problems he’s faced since the start has been parking.