100 YEARS AGO: The aurora borealis was the cause of suspended telegraph service last night about 9 o’clock. It stopt coast to coast communication for a period of fifteen minutes, according to the Associated Press. This is considered a record obstruction to her service by this unknown element. The borealis was present all over the county in the clearest waves that have been visible up to this, according to the AP. Many Marinette people witnest the remarkable display of the “northern lights” as they are commonly called, last night.

50 YEARS AGO: Frank Hoffman’s 124-year old mystery vessel, believed to be the Alvin Clark, will become the main attraction at a marine museum in the City of Menominee. Hoffman, now a Marinette resident, previously announced plans to develop the museum around the ship at a parcel of land off of U.S. 41 on 10th St. The property is owned by Josephy Krygoski, Menominee contractor. The area is adjacent to mobile homes estates on 10th St. Tody Hoffman confirmed his future plans in an interview with an Eagle-Star reporter.

25 YEARS AGO: After four to five years in existence, Menominee County Probate Court’s Community Service Program is making a difference in young offenders. “In fact, I’d like to use it more,” Judge William A. Hupy said. Due to limited resources, only a select number of youth offenders can be ordered to perform community service, Hupy explained. Minor alcohol offenses carry mandatory community service hours, and youths who damage property are good candidates for that “select” few.

FIVE YEARS AGO: By a unanimous vote the Historic Preservation Commission began the process of establishing Mickey-Lu’s Bar-B-Q as a local historic structure. “Mr. (Chuck) Finnessy was really eager to have Mickey-Lu’s come under the protection of our local historic structure ordinance,” said Dan Kallgren, commission chairman.