100 YEARS AGO: By an overwhelming majority, the daylight saving law was past in the Menominee council in its regular session Monday evening. Alderman Dunlap was the originator of the suggestion having brought a number of pamphlets and figures to the council room in preparation of putting up a stiff fight. “Be Prepared,” was his motto but after he laid the proposition before the council it was voted upon with the result that 13 were for it while only one voted against it. The motion called for the time pieces of Menominee to be set back one hour starting with the last Sunday in April and ending the last Sunday in September. 

50 YEARS AGO: Carferry service to Menominee will cease Monday marking the end of a long and colorful transportation era for Menominee and Marinette industry. The Interstate Commerce Commission of Washington D.C., has adopted the recommendation of trail examiner James O’D Moran and authorized the abandonment of carferry service between Frankfort in Lower Michigan and the Menominee Harbor. The Ann Arbor Railroad Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad Company, applied for permission to abandon the service between Frankfort and Menominee.

25 YEARS AGO: Those fishing for answers to what should be done with the Twin County Airport (Now the Menominee Regional Airport) now have their first bite — a proposal to lease the facility. “I fell that it is extremely important to have an airport in the Twin County area and would be willing to pursue the idea of leasing the airport if there would be any interest on your part,” Michael J. Biehl, a prominent Marinette businessman, states in a letter addressed to Marinette County Administrator Steve Fredericks, Menominee County Administrator Kevin Hamann and Twin County Airport commission Chairman Richard Sells. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: Big projects often need many partners to make things happen, and the work being done to connect trails from Cedar River with those near U.S. 2 is no exception. But big ideas can come from a small group of visionaries, who see something great in the future and are willing to take the time to achieve success. That’s the type of people on the Cedarville Township Board, who have been working with county, state, tribal officials, economic development specialists and citizen groups to build on what already exists in Cedar River.