100 YEARS AGO: The Eleventh annual farmers institute opened this morning at the Menominee County agricultural school with an enthusiastic and appreciative audience of farmers and citizens. A number of Marinette county farmers were in attendance as well as those from Menominee County and other places in northern Michigan. The meeting was called to order by G. W. McCormick, member of the Menominee County agricultural board who outlined briefly the importance of the institute to the farmers and others interested in the development of greater Cloverland. The students’ chorus of the agricultural school rendered a musical number, “Your Flag and my Flag,” which was heartily received by those present. 

50 YEARS AGO: The Marinette County Board of Supervisors was scheduled to vote this afternoon (March 18) on whether to discontinue the dairy operations at Marinette County Hospital. The board also is scheduled to vote on a resolution to appropriate $4,000 to purchase 40 acres of land in the Town of Peshtigo to facilitate the coho salmon planting program in this area. During the morning session of the board Edward Kowalski of the Town of Peshtigo, chairman of the Marinette County Hospital committee, outlined a plan for eliminating the dairy herd at the hospital. “We the members of the Marinette County Hospital committee feel that you, the members of the county board, must understand that this decision was not reached in a day or a month. This decision took us practically a year to arrive at and a great deal of study.” 

25 YEARS AGO: Cracking down on juvenile crime in the state of Wisconsin, Attorney General James Doyle is waiting to see if his juvenile justice reform package is acted upon during the final week of legislative session which ends March 25. The proposal which may be bypassed this session by discussions about property tax reform, earmarks $15 million per year to establish tougher penalties for first-time juvenile offenders, Doyle told the Eagle-Star today (March 18) during a stop in Marinette on his way to a child abuse training program in Rhinelander. “Law enforcement officers say the big problem is juveniles,” Doyle said. “This is not an issue that is going away.” Juvenile arrests in Wisconsin have increased over 26 percent since 1988 and juvenile arrests for violent crimes have climbed by over 93 percent during the same period. Many judges complain that an increasing number of juveniles are creating trouble and their hands are tied when it comes to punishing the juveniles and making them responsible for their actions, Doyle said. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: Bellin Health Systems in Green Bay and Bay Area Medical Center have not been able to come to terms regarding dissolution of their joint entity, NorthReach, after BAMC announced plans last year to partner with Aurora. After months of failed talks and offers over who should take over the NorthReach system, Bellin is suing BAMC for allegedly violating the NorthReach operating agreement. Bellin Memorial Hospital Inc., the legal parent company of the Bellin Health system, filed a lawsuit in Marinette County Circuit Court Monday, seeking declaratory judgments on three counts that BAMC violated the agreement. Bellin is also seeking a temporary injunction to block a request from BAMC to enact a 60-day clause in the NorthReach agreement to either sell its share of the joint venture or purchase Bellin’s half.