100 YEARS AGO: The removal of the R. L. Sawyer residence which has been causing a great deal of comment in the twin cities was halted last night when the residence broke through the ice about fifty feet from the shore and is resting today in about five feet of water, back of the Menominee library. This comes as a blow to the owners and contractors as progress was being made the last night, the building having been hauled out of the slush and water in which it has been resting for the past three days and by indication last night it was thought that today would find the house out and moved to its destination. However, during the night the rear runners upon which the building rets broke through the ice and this morning found the house partially submerged. It is not probable that another attempt will be made to extract the building. 

50 YEARS AGO: The Marinette County Board of Supervisors voted 15 to 13 today against adoption of a resolution which would have resulted in reducing the number of standing committees of the board from 12 to seven. The proposal to consolidate board committees was a result of a study by the executive committee of the board and chairman of the various standing committees. Action on it was taken at the board’s regular meeting at the courthouse. Two members who participated in the study voted against recommending to the board that seven rather than 12 committees be established at the annual reorganization meeting in April. They were Woodrow Vaughn of Town of Porterfield and Darryl LeRoy of Marinette. Following a lengthy discussion at today’s meeting, Robert Michaelis of Marinette moved for adoption of the resolution which would have affected the change in commits upon passage. 

25 YEARS AGO: The Menominee County Buildings and Grounds Committee, concurring with the 911 Governing Board, today gave its approval for the 911 dispatch center to be located at the County Annex in Stephenson. The committee voted 3-0 to allow County Administrator Kevin Hamann to proceed with plans to have a 160-square-foot addition built at the annex. The annex currently is a little larger than 320 square feet. Committee members include Mike Utke, Leonard Therriault and Bernie Lang. The 911 Governing Board Tuesday voted unanimously to have the dispatch center located in Stephenson. Original plans called for the center to be located at the Menominee Police Department. The city would have rented out about 470 square feet of space at $1,000 ($1,703.64 in 2019) per month or $12,000 ($20,443.66 in 2019) per year. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: If all goes according to plan, the process to select a new Marinette County administrator could finally be completed by the end of this month. The county board’s Executive Committee voted unanimously Monday to authorize Corporation Counsel Gale Mattison and supervisors Vilas Schroeder and Kathy Just, board chairman and vice chairman, to negotiate an employment agreement with Shawn Henessee. The resolution, supported by a motion by Supervisor Mike Behnke and seconded by Supervisor Ken Keller, calls for the agreement to come within parameters set by the Executive Committee for presentation to the county board. Henessee is currently assistant director of the Jackson County, Mo., Recorder of Deeds.