100 YEARS AGO: The Wisconsin-Michigan railroad has commenced the construction of three tracks on the Carpenter Cook property at the foot of Main Street, Menominee. The property lies between the street and the waters of the bay, making an ideal railroad yard for the company. Since the company moved away from Peshtigo where they had kept up a yard until a few years ago, their business has increased with a steady permanent growth until today, it is imperative that they have more yard space. The yard when completed will be used as a repair yard and also for the storage of cars during the slack seasons of the year. It was rumored when men started to work on the property that the company was planning upon building an ore dock on this site which which is directly in the rear of the Ann Arbor dock. 

50 YEARS AGO: No opposition to a proposal that Marinette County assume ownership of the Lake Noquebay damn was voiced at today’s meeting of the board of Supervisors. The issue was discussed at length with several supervisors voicing approval of a plan which would permit the county to make application to the Department of Natural Resources to assume ownership of the damn and for the state to set the lake level. The board will act on a resolution this afternoon which would institute action to establish ownership of the structure. Under the plan, the county will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the dam but would not be responsible for setting the lake level. The problem concerning the dam has festered for some time and has been created by the fact that the ideal level for some property damage to property of other owners on the lake. 

25 YEARS AGO: Fire Chief Robert Falkenberg may be against it, but the public safety committee Wednesday directed him and Police Chief Joseph Posephny to look into the cost of retaining paid volunteers. At the June 6 City Council meeting, Falkenberg objected to a finance committee recommendation to look into the possibility of hiring part-time, paid volunteers because the city does not have enough money to grant his request for an additional two firefighters. He estimated that paid volunteers would cost the city $10,000 to $20,000 per year. Falkenberg did not attend Wednesday’s meeting, but Captain Jeff Jones of the police department said he believed all the chief wanted was to be able to operate with a full crew. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: The Niagara Centennial officially kicked off Thursday afternoon at Heights Park with live music and crowds of people gathering for a good time and to reminisce about the past. Evie Patterson of Kingsford, but a Niagara native, said a lot of work went into making the 100th Anniversary Celebration a success. “I am looking forward to the tribute to the Eagles,” she said. “I am an Eagles’ fan.” Hotel California, a salute to the Eagles, performed to a large crowd Thursday night. Mayor and Event Chairman George Bousley said the music selected for the Centennial was chosen as a way to please all generations. “To me, the music is tribute to the people back in time, my generation to yours,” said Bousley.  Today at 4 p.m., the Plain Fashion Dirt Band will entertain the crowd. The Johnny Wad Band plays at 6:30 and The Kentucky Headhunters perform at 9.