100 YEARS AGO: Menominee will have one of the finest athletic fields in the northwest according to action taken at the annual meeting of the school electors held at Menominee high school last night. The greatest donation ever made to the school system of Menominee is the gift. G.A. Blesch president of the first National Bank of that city. The donation consists of a tract of land 481-feet along and 336-feet in width situated directly east of the high school and the John N. Davis school. The property at the present time is occupied by a residences which will be removed after which the work on the new field will be started. The property starts on Emma Street, running as far east as the Elizabeth Street and north to Stephenson’s alley which is 50-feet from Stephenson Avenue then west to Emma. Never before has such a beneficent gift been made for such a good cause as the one last night.  

50 YEARS AGO: Menominee City Council Monday evening began condemnation proceedings involving seven parcels of vacant land on 46th Avenue which has been selected as the site for the low cost housing development. Kenneth O’Doyle, city attorney, explained that when the city wishes to acquire private land for public usage, it can be done wither by purchase or condemnation. “The law states that the city has the power to take private property for public use provided a necessity has been shown and a fair offer has been made,” the city attorney pointed out. It was noted that of the seven lots of land, which measure 110- by 240-feet each, stated that the lots are worth not less than $3,800 each. The city is offering the owners $1,200 per lot. According to city figures, the lots are assessed at $324 each. 

25 YEARS AGO: A majority of people who assembled for a special meeting with the Menominee County Board’s finance committee Thursday night seemed to agree that a mileage election is needed in 1995 to continue funding several county agencies. “I think together we have unity and strength ... and we can get this mileage passed,” said Jeanne Foster of the Menominee County Soil and Conservation District, the local state agency responsible for conserving soil and water resources. She pointed out that if voters pass the mileage requests agencies will finally have a reliable source of income and wont need to worry if they are going to be funded year after year. Knowing how much each will receive will greatly help agencies in planning, Emma Raboin, director of Neighborhood Family Centers said, adding she would be interested in working with others to pass the mileage. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: While school is out for the summer, the Marinette Board of Education is taking on multiple upgrade projects. Both the FOB security system and the high school’s auditorium lighting system are outdated. The board voted unanimously to pursue updates on both. “We’re looking at updating our FOB system which is sorely outdated,” said John LaCourt, board president. “That’s the FOBs to get into the building. With this software we can track much more for security purposes.” The new security system for all buildings in the school district is estimated to cost around $30,000. A project overview handed out at the board meeting Tuesday night said the school’s lighting system had not been upgraded for the past 40 years.  “When the entire project is completed, the district will realize energy savings, reduce electrical risks and provide a better learning environment for students by exposing them to state-of-the-art equipment,” the overview states. There was no cost estimate for the lighting project.