100 YEARS AGO: Marinette saloons closed doors today as far as could be observed. Every cash register in the city rang the last nickel that will in all probability be taken in from the sale of any liquor or beverage which contains more than 2.75 percent alcohol. Promptly at midnight the saloons started closing and before 12:30 o’clock every place in the city was air tight. This morning saloonkeepers were asked what action they intended taking since the late railing that they were permitted to sell beverages which contained not more than 2.75 percent alcohol. The almost unanimous reply indicated quite a big question. No one seemed to be sure what the best action would be. Some have retired from the business never again to enter it. Others feel that there is still hope that with the decision of the department of justice going into effect an opportunity to sell will be given. 

50 YEARS AGO: A feasibility study which could lead to a new facility is being conducted by St. Joseph-Lloyd Hospital of Menominee to determine its future needs. Sister M. Augusta, hospital administrator, revealed this information to members of the Menominee City Council Monday evening. Mayor John W. Reindl and eight of the 14 members of the council attended the dinner meeting. Richard LeMay and Larry Montgomery, who represented the combined firms of Peat-Marwick and Mitchel and Gauger and Diel, attended Monday night’s function. The two, along with other members of the firm, made frequent visits to the Menominee area as a part of the evaluation team. They will continue their survey in September. 

25 YEARS AGO: Nobody ever said that Tony Mars Jr. wasn’t an enterprising young man. So, when it came time to earn extra money for college, it should come as no surprise the recent high school graduate would look to start his own business. A car wash, gardening service, a senior citizen shopping service, garage cleaning, home window wash, babysitting and tutoring services are among the services offered by Tony Mars Enterprises. “We do everything from painting bathrooms inside to painting houses outside to doing lawns to cleaning swimming pools,” Mars said. “I could go for a minimum wage job. It would be every boring work. I know I’ll work a lot of hours but I feel a lot more satisfaction working for myself. It’s a big risk too but we’ve had a real good response.” The “we” Mars is referring to is his girlfriend Diana Hytinen who is helping him in his business venture. They are offering a car wash service for $5 a week. For that price they will go to the person’s business or residence and hand-wash and clean the inside and outside of the car. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: The work and dedication of a select group of law enforcement officers was acknowledged by a mayoral proclamation at the start of Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Special Agent Jeremiah Winscher, Marinette Sheriff’s Office Deputy William Swanson, Menominee Sheriff’s Office Lt. Detective Greg Nast, Marinette Police Sgt. Detective Jon LaCombe and Oconto Police Detective Bernie Faith received proclamations recognizing their involvement with the Northeast Tri-County Drug Enforcement Group or the Menominee County Drug Enforcement Team. “This is a group of guys who, I can assure you, are making a difference,” Marinette Police Chief John Mabry said. The same group was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice for their roles in apprehending 77 people since 2012 as the result of investigations into drug activity. They also held a role in the federal indictment of nine people involved in drug trafficking from Chicago, Green Bay, Marinette and Menominee.