100 YEARS AGO: The $5,000 damage suit of Isaac Goldberg of this city against the C&NW Ry Co. for the death of Abram Goldberg, their son who was killed by a train of cars belonging to the company on February 14, 1917, was started before Judge Quinlan and a jury this afternoon. It is alleged that the company was operating as a common carrier within the limits of the city without having taken necessary precautions. The plaintiffs allege further that the train did not whistle nor ring a bell while going over the Division Street crossing where the accident occurred. The case has been pending for some time owing to the adjournment by both sides at different times. 

50 YEARS AGO: The Badger Paper Mills Inc., will observe its 40th anniversary Sunday (Jan. 26) with a reunion dinner at the Dome Supper Club honoring its long-term employees and their guests. Invitations have been extended to 180 employees and 64 retirees of the company and their guests to attend the dinner at which special honors will be bestowed upon members of the 40, 30, 25 and 20-year clubs. Forty years ago this month, local and area newspapers noted that the Peshtigo Paper Company which was in receivership was sold to the bondholders protective committee for $250,000 the property to be “taken over immediately and operations soon to start. “

25 YEARS AGO: A civil lawsuit filed by Attorney General James Doyle Monday against a Niagara paper mill alleges that a coal processing facility at the plant exceeded allowable levels of particulate emissions from August 1992 through May 1993. Niagara of Wisconsin Paper Corp., 1101 Mill St., faces possible forfeiture costs of up to $25,000 for each violation. According to the Department of Justice’s complaint, Wisconsin statutes provide that “each day of continued violation is a separate offense.”

FIVE YEARS AGO: With extreme cold temperatures hitting the area this winter, people who heat their homes with propane are feeling the pinch. “Our supplier ran out last week and he can’t get anymore,” said Doris Donofrie, who resides in the Wausaukee area. “I called every supplier in the state and no one will sell me any.” Steve Zutz, CEO/president of Country Visions Cooperative, based out of Reedsville, Wis., with an office in Menominee, said the company’s existing customers are being supplied. “We are not taking on any new customers. Actually we are rationing a little bit and getting enough for two to three weeks,” he said. Donofrie said Friday the price for suppliers who do have propane is $5.50 a gallon. Donofrie and her husband, Doug, are senior citizens. She said they prepaid for propane for the winter for their large home at a cost of $1.38 per gallon.