100 YEARS AGO: Raymond Knapp has evaded the police authorities again, a warrant was sworn out to him two years ago on the charge of wife desertion. Before there had been time to have the warrant served, Knapp disappeared from his Wausaukee home and had not been seen or heard of since until local authorities received information yesterday to the effect that he was at Hayward, Wis., at the house of his father. Immediately as the news reached the office of District Attorney Murphy, Sheriff Holquist was ordered to get the man.

50 YEARS AGO: When William C. Godson relinquishes his post at Marinette superintendent of schools on June 30, he will have one dedicated just one month short of a half a century to the education of the young men and women in Wisconsin. He will be 67 years old on the date of his retirement. He had just turned 17 when he started teaching in August of 1919 at a rural school in Waushara County near Mount Morris. Having been instrumental in school board decision to plan a new building program and to revise curriculum and educational philosophy of the system, the decision to step down now before seeing the culmination of his efforts is obviously was a difficult one. 

25 YEARS AGO: Freezing temperatures coupled with dangerous windchill factors enveloping Wisconsin will leave the Twin City area under siege this weekend. With today’s (Friday, Jan. 14) windchill expecting to send the mercury as low as -50 degrees, some area school events are coming to a halt. Temperatures reported at the Twin County Airport at 8 a.m. today were already plunging to -18 degrees with winds recorded at 8 miles per hour, putting the windchill factor at -46 degrees. The record low for Jan. 14 was set in 1929 at -27 degrees. A two-week cold spell during 1963, when for record lows for January were set, sent temperatures down to -13 degrees on this day. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: The wait is finally over. The Marinette County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee was told Friday the county has been awarded a state grant to attack the area’s escalating heroin and opiate problems. That news came three months after the county submitted an application for $285,349 to finance Drug Court and Treatment Alternative and Diversion (TAD) programs. “I was notified that Marinette County will receive the TAD and Drug Court grant,” Health and Human Services Director Robin Elsner told fellow committee members. “The final amount of the grant we do not know. “We were one of 13 recipients selected. I believe there were 38 applications so I thought we did a great job in receiving the grant. Out of the 13 recipients, 10 of the grants have to be readjusted by budget, which means we asked for more than we’re going to get.”