100 YEARS AGO: The Fifth Liberty loan in Marinette County is going over the top. Anyone who attended the big meeting at the Elks club this noon to initiate the work must have felt the thrill of the success that pervades the atmosphere for the coming campaign. The war is over but patriotism in Marinette is as pregnant as ever. Amid great applause and cheers, Ralph Skidmore was named county chairman and although he declined at first, the demand was so unanimous and insistent that he finally confest that he was “licked” and accepted. The loan will be floated some time in April, shortly after Easter, perhaps. The rate of interest will be higher than the Fourth Liberty loan and the bonds will be more saleable because they will be short-time bonds.

50 YEARS AGO: The days of the aged and inoperative swing bridge at the mouth of the Menominee River appear numbered today. The Marinette City Council voted Tuesday (Feb. 4) night to award a contract for demolition of the battered span to the Krygoski Construction Company of Menominee. A spokesman of the firm told the Eagle-Star that workmen will begin dismantling the span within two weeks. The Menekaunee swing bridge, as it is most familiarly known, was erected in 1888 and was partially remodeled in the 1920s. It has been closed to vehicular traffic since April 29, 1967, when a careening automobile slammed into a girder at the Marinette end of the bridge, severely damaging the supporting upright. 

25 YEARS AGO: The top official at Marinette Marine Corp. has said in order to maintain continuity at the shipyard, options on current U.S. Coast Guard contracts must be awarded in a timely fashion. Steps were taken in the direction Monday (Jan. 31) when the 1995 budget presented to Congress by the Clinton administration included $90.5 million for four additional ships to be constructed at Marinette Marine. “We’re pleased to see the president request these funds,” said president and chief executive officer at Marinette Marine, “The Coast Guard needs to replace these 50-year-old ships and this will help Marinette Marine increase and stabilize its work force. I hope we can persuade Congress to pass this funding, or to increase it.” In 1993, Marinette Marine was awarded a $40 million contract to construct the first Juniper Class (WLB) ship and a $22 million contract to build the first Keeper Class (WLM) ship.  

FIVE YEARS AGO: With the delivery of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Haas program console, students at Menominee High School will have a ticket to furthering their education and/or finding a manufacturing job after graduation. Travis Falkowski, CTE (Career and Technical Education) machine tool instructor at Menominee High School, who is certified to teach transcribed NWTC classes, said the simulator is equipped with the same program that manufacturing companies use. Falkowski added the programs are CNC Cad-Cam Class and G-Code, the language these types of machines use to talk to each other. “It’s great for students to learn on. Students don’t want to look at an old dirty machine,” said Falkowski. “It has bells and whistles to draw them in. They can write programs on them and then put them on a flash drive or Zip Disk, and then we can take a field trip to NWTC and put them on their machines.” Derrick Ray, machine tool/CNC instructor for NWTC’s Green Bay campus, said the Haas simulator is used by students at the technical college on a daily basis.