100 YEARS AGO: It was a busy day for the judge of the city police court. The celebration of the birthday of George Washington brought several men to the police court Saturday (Feb. 22) afternoon and this morning (Feb. 24). For the past few months there have been many visitors coming to the city on every holiday. Six men were arrested for drunkenness and one was sent to the employment center after he said he had no money. Five of the six men that were arrested paid fines, the highest of which were $6.30 (which is $90.97 today with inflation), while the other one was sentenced to spend ten days in the county workhouse. 

50 YEARS AGO: Plans for construction of a new building in Marinette’s Industrial Park were announced today (Feb. 24) by Lloyd R. Taylor, president of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Inc., of Rhinelander. The firm will erect a 4,000-square-foot building on a two-acre tract at the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Industrial Parkway. Earth work fill and other site preparation already has begun. Taylor said the 40 by 100-foot building will be used for distribution of the company’s products in the Marinette County Area and in the City of Menominee. The structure is expected to be in use by mid-summer. At present, the company’s facilities are at 2903 Carney Ave. 

25 YEARS AGO: Jagdev Bhatoya and his family were looking for a warm, friendly environment to begin his internal medicine practice — and they found it here in the cold of northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula. Bhatoya is one of five physicians who have relocated to the Marinette-Menominee area through recruitment efforts by Bay Area Medical Center. BAMC has been working with M&M Clinic and several private-practice physicians in the area to bring specialists here to fill the needs of the community. The recruitment of Bhatoya was a double bonus for the medical community, because Bhayota and his brother-in-law, Gian Daroach, both moved their practices here in October 1993. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: City Attorney Jonathon Sbar advised the Historic Preservation Commission members on how to proceed with the proposed Riverside Avenue Historic District during the meeting Friday afternoon. According to Sbar, the commission has to bring three parts of a proposal together for the Plan Commission. Those parts are a map detailing where the historic district will be and the boundaries of the district, a professional analysis of the architecture displayed in the proposed district and a list of guidelines of what building improvements would be allowed. Sbar added that after the Plan Commission reviews and potentially approves the proposed district, the commission would also have to present the proposal to the public during another public hearing and then to the Marinette City Council before it becomes part of the city’s ordinances.