100 YEARS AGO: In an effort to learn the truth first hand concerning the alleged “whiskey rebellion” in Iron County, a representative from the Eagle-Star interviewed Major A. V. Dairymple of Chicago at 2:35 this morning on the Chicago & Northwestern passenger train on which the major 23 picked armed prohibition enforcement men were riding on their way to Negaunee where they will be joined by the state constabulary. They will go from Negaunee direct to the county in which the trouble is reported. “I am not out on any wild goose chase or merrymaking campaign,” the major told the Eagle-Star man, “but to enforce the United States laws as they should be. I don’t expect that we will meet with armed resistance but in case we do the men are prepared to cope with any situation which might arise.” 

50 YEARS AGO: More than 300 persons turned our Monday night at Marinette County University Campus to hear a panel of school and city officials answer questions about the proposed school bond issue referendum and building program. The panelists were Mayor Edward Parsek, Alderman Henry Campbell, chairmen of the finance committee of the Fiscal Control Board; Howard Olson, school board president, and David S. Ludvigson, superintendent of schools. James Bowman was moderator for the discussion which was sponsored by Marinette Parent-Teacher Association Council. At conclusion of more than two hours of discussion, there appeared to be general agreement that there is a need to construct new school facilities, especially a replacement for Menekaunee School. The high cost of acquiring property to expand the present high school site for the building project was given by the panel as the prime reason for seeking a new location for the new high school. 

25 YEARS AGO: It’s bar time. You stumble out to your car thinking, “I shouldn’t have had that last beer.” Or maybe you’re not thinking, because although you’ve been drinking all night, you get behind the wheel of a three-ton killing machine — your car, truck or van — and you won’t have proper control of the vehicle. In 1993, 468 adults and three juveniles were arrested for driving while intoxicated in Marinette County. Of the 386 cases that made it to court that year, 93.8 percent of the people were found guilty of driving while intoxicated. Statistics for 1994 have not yet been completed. But statistics from the previous five years — from 1989 through 1993 — tell the chilling story. In 1989, six people in Marinette County died in car crashes where alcohol was a factor. For Marinette County, that figure remains steady over the next five years — six in 1990, eight in 1991, six in 1992 and six in 1993. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: Menominee County Administrator Brian Bousley and Menominee Commissioner Larry Schei had little to say after attending Tuesday’s Marinette County Board meeting. Wednesday, Bousley said the Menominee County Board, as a whole, did not discuss the decision reached by Marinette County Tuesday to start the steps necessary to end the two counties’ partnership in the Twin County Airport Commission. The Marinette County Board of Supervisors voted 25-4, with one member absent, to authorize Corporation Counsel Gale Mattison to begin negotiation with Menominee County to dissolve the airport partnership. The two supervisors currently representing Marinette County on the TCAC, Don Pazynski and Ted Sauve, voted in favor of resolving the partnership as did Supervisor Nick Lakari, whose resignation from the TCAC in August led to Pazynski’s appointment.