100 YEARS AGO: Woman suffrage by federal constitutional amendment was beaten again today in the senate. The house resolution for submission of the amendment failed in adoption with 55 votes in favor of it and 29 against, one less than the necessary two-thirds. Thus ended what leading suffrage champions had said in advance would be the final test at this session of congress. The suffrage advocates went into the test knowing they were lacking one vote but hoping to the last that it would soon be won over. Those voting in favor of the resolution included Republicans LaFollette and Lenroot of Wisconsin, Smith of Michigan and Townsend. 

50 YEARS AGO: The Menominee County Board of Supervisors Monday (Feb. 10) afternoon voted to initiate Eastern Standard Time in conjunction with other Upper Peninsula counties but it took considerable debate and explanation before the issue was settles by an 11 to 4 vote. The board’s legislative committee, headed by Supervisor Donald Lambrecht, huddled in a special session before the board’s afternoon meeting and produced a recommendation that was accepted by a majority of the board. Supervisor William Quever, a member of the legislative committee, was the only dissenter in the committee. Quever stressed the inconvenience in the winter time if the county was to go on Eastern Standard Time. He cited the bus transportation of students in the public and non-public schools as a major example, “Three of four months ago we voted on this same issue and it was voted down,” Quever reminded the county board. 

25 YEARS AGO: Could the buildings of the old waterworks plant become the home to a lodging facility or a Great Lakes Interpretive Center? Representatives from U.P Engineers & Architects Inc. seem to think so after completing a feasible study on the facilities. “There aren’t a lot of alternatives for these buildings,” Patrick Coleman, directer of planning and development for the firm, said at Wednesday’s (Feb. 9) building’s and grounds committee meeting. “You do have a limited number of rooms available,” Coleman said, “It (a hotel) certainly fits in with your goal of getting more people downtown.” If there this were to be done, the filtration building would have to be removed, and the existing pump house and well house would be reused as a restaurant/conference and lounge facility, according to the study. A new building which would house 46 hotel rooms would be constructed.  

FIVE YEARS AGO: There has been an abundance of “cold days” that the Peshtigo School District has taken as a day off from school. While the students may have enjoyed their break at the time, the schools will soon be looking for some makeup time. “Currently, if we have another full day of cancellation, according to state statute, we will have to start calculating the hours of instruction at each grade level,” Superintendent Kim Eparvier told the Peshtigo Board of Education Wednesday night. Eparvier asked the board to authorize the administration to start adding minutes to the end of the day or schedule makeup days at the end of the school year if there was another cancellation before the end of the school year. “I personally think that adding minutes to the days would be a better way to go, but I have not had a chance to talk to the powers that-be yet,” he said. The board unanimously voted to allow makeup time to be scheduled as needed. The board also approved a proposal for the next school year’s calendar. The 2014-2015 school calendar includes a full week of vacation for both the Thanksgiving holiday and spring break, as opposed to several long weekends.